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Billboard Signs

You’ve seen how effective billboard signs are for advertising. Larger than life, there they are standing out to catch your attention as you drive along a stretch of highway or even at the hub of an ultra-urban area. Have you ever considered LED billboards for your business? Imagine: if a traditional billboard catches your eye, how much more effectual would a moving, multi-colored image be? At LED Sign Supply, we’ve seen the future of outdoor advertising and we know that LED signs are at the heart of successful marketing. That’s why we specialize in all things LED, including billboard signs.

Billboard Signs

Often a billboard is the first impression a business makes on potential customers. Vibrant colors and clear images and text are essential to making that impression not just a good one, but a stunning one. You can count on LED Sign Supply to ensure that type of clarity no matter what size of billboard you choose. Our advanced LED Billboard signs are all designed and manufactured using our superior knowledge and understanding of LED technology. We’ve installed thousands of LED signs around the world, and have the list of satisfied customers to show for it.


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Give us a call to join that group of customers who are happy they got their LED billboard signs from LED Sign Supply. We can custom-make an LED sign for your business to fit your budget as well as the space you have. Along with your state-of-the-art LED billboard you’ll get free animations and a graphics package, our proprietary user-friendly software and life-time access to our tech and customer service departments as well as an unprecedented five year warranty. LED Sign Supply goes the extra mile to ensure you’re happy with the choice to go digital. Your success is guaranteed with a reliable and attractive LED sign from LED Sign Supply.


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