//Yes, Electronic Billboard Signs Catch Your Eye

Yes, Electronic Billboard Signs Catch Your Eye

Just 15 years ago, electronic billboard signs were a bit of a novelty. Typically, only larger businesses in bigger cities used them. Once the technology was perfected, however, it quickly began improving by leaps and bounds, making the use of LED billboards more accessible to businesses and communities of all sized across the country. Even in just the past five years, electronic billboards have sprung up where traditional painted billboards used to stand, offering advertising opportunities that far surpass the traditional signage it replaced. You don’t even need to review analyses or studies to understand how much more effective LED billboard signs are at attracting attention.

Electronic Billboard Signs Catch the Eye

People are typically in a hurry. A sign on a busy street or even positioned by a highway only has a few seconds to relay a message. First, however, the sign has to be effective at getting the attention of people passing by. When it is an electronic billboard, lit up with full-color LED lights, you can bet it will garner a glance from pretty much everyone driving by, especially if it is animated. Even when the message doesn’t incorporate movement, though, a bright and vibrant electronic billboard will outperform a painted one every time.

Electronic Billboard Signs

If you’ve been considering an LED billboard, it’s time to call LED Sign Supply. With their own in-house engineers, they’ve been a leader in the industry for over a decade. Not only do they stock pre-built signage of all sizes, but they can also work with you to design a custom LED sign to maximize your business’s exposure. Built using cutting-edge technology that includes elements that optimize light bulb longevity and billboard lifespan, LED Sign Supply signs come with custom software including a graphics and animation package, free spare parts, and an unprecedented 5 year warranty. Bring your advertising into the 21 Century with an electronic sign – billboard from LED Sign Supply.

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