There is no better way to catch the eye of a new customer than with strategically placed mobile billboard trailers around town, advertising what your business can do for them! With over 10 years in the business of manufacturing digital billboards, LED Sign Supply knows exactly how to leverage this technology to boos the bottom line you care about – the sales and revenue of your company. If your company’s marketing and advertising efforts have failed to impress, it’s time to try a different angle. Mobile billboard trailers around town are one of the most effective ways to build your brand, grow your customer-base, and see a boost in your company’s revenues.

Mobile Billboard Trailers Around Town

Your business message is “MOBILE” with an LED Mobile Trailer

One of the main advantages of advertising with a mobile billboard trailer is that your message is portable. If one location isn’t attracting the type of consumers you were hoping for you can simply move the mobile billboard trailer to a different location easily and quickly. With a strategy that targets the busiest locations at different times of the day, you can maximize your exposure. Mobile billboard trailers allow you to be more spontaneous and flexible with your marketing methods as opposed to a more traditional billboard. Now you can literally travel to your audience, picking up with little to no notice to try out different locations.

LED Billboards for community events, including fundraisers and marathons

LED Sign Supply’s mobile billboard trailers are a perfect way for company’s to advertise at community events, including fundraisers and marathons. Using a mobile billboard trailer is a great way to make your event look “official” as you communicate important information.

Mobile boards made with state of the art daylight sensor technology

Quality and longevity is on the minds of our customers and rightfully so! You can rest assured that our mobile boards were made with state of the art daylight sensor technology that automatically dims to ambient light levels to decrease light pollution. The result is a mobile billboard with a long shelf life. Additionally, our mobile billboard trailers are made with a grill face that protects against vandalism pollution, and damage.

If you are looking for a way to attract new customers, build your company’s brand, and communicate vital information then a mobile billboard is the answer! Vibrant and quality LED products provide a low maintenance marketing option for you.

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