An outdoor advertising company can help your marketing efforts in a big, big way. Billboards are what’s meant by “big,” and they are effective for getting your business noticed. Cabrillo College lists several advantages of outdoor ads including excellent reach and frequency, special features of digital billboards, and round-the-clock exposure for your business. While some smaller businesses may dismiss the idea of billboard advertising out of hand because of the perceived expense, an outdoor advertising company such as LED Sign Supply has a variety of signage solutions to fit every budget, putting outdoor ads within reach. Yet, if you are going to spend the money, you still want to be sure outdoor ads are effective.

Outdoor Advertising Company

Outdoor Advertising Company and Billboards Influencing Consumers

Wondering if outdoor advertising was still effective in the 21st Century, Forbes reviewed an Arbitron study to find out how billboards influenced consumers. Some interesting figures were revealed including 50 percent of billboard viewers use them to get directional information; 68 percent make shopping decisions regularly in the car; 72 percent habitually shop on their way home from work. Those statistics alone show that billboard advertising is highly influential, making it effective and a good marketing investment for local businesses.

If you still feel that billboard advertising isn’t in the budget, remember that it isn’t the only type of outdoor advertising. LED Sign Supply has outdoor signs of different sizes as well as mobile LED signs that are just as effective as full-sized billboards at getting your business noticed. Opting for a sign other than a billboard allows you to follow the Marketing Donut’s advice to make good use of your business’s location. A digital sign from an outdoor advertising company such as LED Sign Supply can be strategically placed in your parking lot, on the side of your building or even on the roof to draw attention as well as traffic.