LED Sign Supply is the leader in digital signage displays. We’re the experts when it comes to LED message boards, indoor, outdoor, mobile and even billboard LED signs. We’ve engineered our signs by integrating cutting-edge technology including internal cooling sensors to maximize the longevity of all our signs, weather-resistant aluminum cabinets, state of the art filters to eliminate dust and debris inside the cabinets and light-sensor technology that automatically dims the signs to the best possible level depending on the environmental light to optimize sign visibility and increase longevity.

Outdoor advertising with billboards

Not all of our digital signage displays are outdoor. We specialize in all types of signage and are particularly pleased with the new RGB Glass signage that can turn a storefront window into a business sign without sacrificing visibility or blocking out natural light. RGB Glass integrates transparent acrylic panels with LED screen technology to create a high-resolution LED sign that’s as vivid and crisp as any of our billboards or other signs, while still allowing you to see out of the window and customers and clients to see in. It’s the absolute best solution for stores with no space for traditional signage.

Custom LED Displays and LED Billboards

Digital Signage Displays – Let Your Message Be Seen

If you’re not already aware of the high exposure and visibility digital signage displays can give your business, you need to consider the attention-grabbing signs Genoptic Smart Displays is famous for. With our user-friendly state of the art software, you’ll soon become your own best advertising agent. You’ll be able to start using your sign just as soon as it’s installed, and because the software is capable of graphics, text, animation and even full video, you can change your message and ads as often as you want. With free tech support for the life of your digital sign and our unsurpassed 5 year warranty, now is the best time to install an LED sign.