LED Videostar

Simple and easy to use software for any application. Easily manage your media creations and advertising campaigns and maximize your LED signs potential!

Introducing Videostar®
Your Gateway to Effortless LED Display Content Management

After years of extensive software engineering Genoptic Smart Displays is proud to introduce our proprietary Videostar ® software. We have developed a more versatile user friendly software program for any type of user making it quick and painless to upload eye catching vibrant media content one or multiple networks of LED displays. We have also integrated our InteLED® Reporting Technology which can automatically send scheduling, proof of play, performance and error messages reports to you or your clients.


Simple, Intuitive, and Feature-Rich Digital Signage Software

Designed after years of efforts by our expert software engineers, VideoStar is our proprietary software that allows on-the-go content management and customisation. This web-based software features a friendly user interface using which you can easily customise the text, graphics, and animations of an advertisement or message at anytime, from anywhere.


Images & graphics are the best way to get your message across.

From employees and suppliers to customers and clients, your business communicates with a diverse audience every day. To capture their attention with compelling informative and promotional messages, you need a centralised tool that can help you customise and publish messages in a quick, seamless, and easy manner. Our VideoStar software does just the same!


Take Your Marketing Game to The Next Level With VideoStar

Our propriety digital signage software is unique for the number of features it offers. Whether you want to craft a new advertisement or just update the information, VideoStar lets you create, customise, and schedule content in seconds with its easy drag-and-drop widgets.


Some of the primary features of our proprietary digital signage software include: