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LED Media Software

LED Sign Supply is a leader in the digital sign and billboard industry. With 10+ years in business, LED Sign Supply offers high quality, effective, and affordable billboard advertising. In those 10 years, we have developed stable LED software that ranks among the most innovative today. We use Image Star and VideoStar software – both of which are intuitive and allow the customer to make regular changes to the content on their sign with ease. With our clients’ feedback in mind, we have designed software that is intuitive and allows for creative options. Our VideoStar software allows for the customer to configure and program their electronic sign themselves. The team at LED Sign Supply is always available to troubleshoot any problems. We purposely keep it all “in-house,” allowing you to get help quickly and effectively when you need it.

Whether you are a small or large company, a franchise or locally owned business, LED signage options are here for you. With flexible leasing options, businesses working with all different types of budgets can now use our billboard advertising and digital outdoor signs to advertise. Our electronic displays are the perfect choice for movie theaters who want to easily swap out movie titles. Digital menu boards are perfect for restaurants who want to easily swap out daily specials regularly. Local churches are using digital outdoor signs to spread the world of their services and ministry. We serve a huge variety of clientele, all who find electronic display boards effective and useful.

Among billboard companies, you will be hard pressed to find a company that utilizes the cutting edge software that LED Sign Supply has developed. Our VideoStar software is perfect for displaying text, animations, and graphics. You can instantly upload any messages and graphics, with the storage memory as well. Our support team is always available to provide programming support.

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