With its light weight and slim design, this exciting product provides a cost effective outdoor LED advertising solution while providing versatility and ease of installation for any type of application and environment.

Outdoor LED

LED signs have been used by different companies in a variety of industries to attract customers and strengthen their brand. The truth is, you can offer the best services in the world, but if you don’t know how to advertise effectively, you will not be able to compete in today’s aggressive market.

Outdoor LED

LED signs are one of the easiest ways to advertise. When put in a high traffic, high exposure areas, an outdoor LED sign is proven to have the highest marketing Return on Investment. LED signs are proven to increase your store’s visibility by 900% – what business couldn’t use that exposure to establish their brand and increase visibility?

Outdoor LED

Our signs, which are engineered and developed in North America, are made with superior craftsmanship as we use only the highest quality components & materials available to the market. The installation process is quick and our team of experts are available at any time to answer your questions. We also offer extremely affordable animation & graphics packages to help utilize your LED sign’s full potential. Please contact us for more details.


All of our LED systems contain these integrated technologies.

State of the art daylight sensor technology that automatically dims to ambient light levels to decrease light pollution and increase LED life longevity.

State of the art heat sink technology (regulates internal temperatures for optimum component longevity).

Sealed component technology (eliminates internal dust and debris).

Reporting technology which can automatically send scheduling, proof of play & performance reports to your clients.

Protruding grill face that protects against vandalism and damage (rocks, bottles etc).

High grade light weight IP68 Rated weatherproof aluminum cabinets withstands all types of weather conditions.


LED Sign Supply is proud to offer a variety of resolutions for our top of the line LED signs. There are important variables to consider when determining what resolution is best for you and your company. An LED sign’s resolution is also referred to as it’s Pixel Pitch. Pixel Pitch is a measurement in millimeters that measures the space between each cluster of LEDs (a.k.a. pixels). In turn, the smaller the millimeter number, the higher the resolution of the sign as there will be more LEDs per surface area and the LEDs are packed in tighter together. The tight pixel pitch on high resolution LED sign will allow you to display more detailed graphics and crisper content on your sign, even if square footage is limited. Our high resolution displays are also well-suited for locations with space restrictions, either from local zoning ordinances or because of an existing structure.


Ideal for locations with significant pedestrian traffic, a nearby busy intersection or traffic congestion from 10ft – 20ft distance. The closer to your sign the greater the visual impact.


If your location has traffic traveling by from 40ft – 50ft distances, a medium resolution sign can offer the perfect resolution balance to give you the greatest attention-grabbing power.


Best suited for locations further from the roadway and for much faster moving traffic from 90ft – 100ft distances or further. An affordable and effective opportunity for your businesses.


Stand out from competitors with our vibrant and attractive outdoor LED products.


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