Research & Development – The Next Generation of Groundbreaking Technologies

Genoptic Smart Displays, is a leader in advanced LED technology with proprietary signage and software solutions for small to large scale businesses throughout North America and abroad.

These signboards are full-color, live video capable screens available in a wide range of sizes and formats available for indoor and outdoor use. The signs are available as single unit displays for a typical window right up to the billboard format, or as network-capable, multi-sign setups.

For over 10 years Genoptic Smart Displays has been promoting a spirit of ingenuity to stay a step ahead of leading-edge by developing an outstanding reputation for manufacturing and distributing all types of premium indoor and outdoor LED signs for commercial use, including Outdoor LED Signs, LED Billboards, Mobile LED trailers and more.

Pioneering the Future of Display Technology with Genoptic Smart Displays’ Innovative R&D

Genoptic Smart Displays unwavering commitment to research and development is helping us create the next generation of groundbreaking technologies. Our Research and evaluation of the latest technologies developed for outdoor high luminous RGB LED technology will allow us to bring about visionary cutting-edge technology in power electronics and to discover new technological and innovative concepts.  Our goal is to incorporate the latest technologies in LED display with our unique product design and aesthetics to build on the success of our current business platform and integrate revolutionary new product technologies into the market.

Genoptic Smart Displays, is continuously looking for highly qualified team members and currently works with a THQ research team from the Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary and hires PhD. and Master students in the fields of Software, Mechanical, Power Electronic and Electrical / Electromechanical, Electromagnetics and Photonics Engineering.

To contact us email [email protected] and write Subject THQ Research team