LED Message Signs

A cost-effective, low-maintenance, and simple method of reaching a broad audience with messages is through a LED Digital message board.


An LED message board is an easy, low maintenance, and affordable way to convey messages to a wide variety of individuals. With our VideoStar technology, you can display messages, graphics, animations and logos straight from your computer to the electronic message board.

Enhance Your Promotions and Visibility with High-Quality LED Message Signs

LED message signs from Genoptic Smart Displays are improving the way businesses, private practices, educational institutions, and places of worship advertise their offerings. Businesses may easily alter sales, specials, and promotions daily using this option! The quality difference between our message boards and those of our rivals is evident.

We have outstanding high resolution picture quality that will definitely draw in onlookers. Customers from a variety of industries are currently using our LED message signs. For instance, you might be a dentist trying to draw in new clients. Additionally, churches use our LED message signs to recruit new members for their congregations and to share the word about their ministry.

Mobile Digital Signage - LED Billboards

Alzheimer Society

4FT X 8FT P10 – LED Mobile Trailer

LED Billboard - Outdoor

O’Regan Motors

12FT x 24.5FT 16MM – Dartmouth, NS

10FT x 20FT P16 - MC MAHON STADIUM - Calgary, AB

McMahon Stadium

10FT X 20FT P16 – Calgary, AB

4FT x 8FT P12 - MC DONALD'S - Sarnia, ON

McDonalds Restaurant

4FT x 8FT P12 – Sarnia, ON


All of our LED systems contain these integrated technologies.

Daysensor Technology

State of the art daylight sensor technology that automatically dims to ambient light levels to decrease light pollution and increase LED life longevity.

Tempurzone Technology

State of the art heat sink technology (regulates internal temperatures for optimum component longevity).

Enviroclean Technology

Sealed component technology (eliminates internal dust and debris).

InteLED Technology

Reporting technology which can automatically send scheduling, proof of play & performance reports to your clients.

Vandelguard Technology

Protruding grill face that protects against vandalism and damage (rocks, bottles etc).

Weatherpro Technology

High grade light weight IP68 Rated weatherproof aluminum cabinets withstands all types of weather conditions.


High-Efficiency, Low-Maintenance Outdoor Advertising Solutions

We also provide our clients with unrivaled technical support and service. You can be confident that our customer service team will meet your needs because we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Having an LED sign outside your business will make you stand out from the competition, which is a very powerful way to attract new customers.


Easily manage your media creations and advertising campaigns and maximize your LED sign potential!

With years of intensive software engineering, Genoptic Smart Display is pleased to present its exclusive Videostar ® software. Our software program has been enhanced to make it more user-friendly and versatile for all types of users. It can be used to upload visually appealing and vibrant media content to one or more networks of LED displays quickly and easily. Additionally, we’ve integrated our InteLED® Reporting Technology, which enables you or your clients to receive automated scheduling, proof of play, performance, and error message reports.


LED message signs are an innovative and effective tool for businesses, providing a modern way of communicating with their clientele. These vivid, eye-catching displays are ideal for displaying special discounts, business hours, or promotional messaging. Their adaptability makes it simple to update material, giving businesses the ability to quickly react to changes in the market or draw attention to specials that expire soon. LED signs are an affordable advertising option because they use less energy and last a long time. They can be made to match certain business requirements in terms of size and appearance, guaranteeing brand coherence. LED message signs are a great asset for any business since they improve visibility, draw attention, and efficiently drive foot traffic and increase consumer engagement.


In retail and point-of-sale settings, LED message signage have many benefits. Their eye-catching, colorful displays draw in customers and increase the visibility of specials or important information. This improved visibility results in more people walking around and making impulsive purchases. Retailers can react dynamically to sales patterns by promoting specific items or deals in real-time, all thanks to the capacity to update content swiftly. LED signs are an affordable and environmentally friendly option because they are long-lasting and energy-efficient. They also improve the store’s visual appeal, fostering a contemporary and welcoming environment. In the retail industry, LED message signs are an effective means of boosting sales, enhancing customer satisfaction, and reiterating brand messaging.


Genoptic Smart Displays™ proudly offers multiple resolutions for our premium outdoor LED signs. There are many factors to consider while choosing a resolution for your firm. Pixel Pitch, or LED sign resolution, is optimum for outdoor LED sign lighting. Pixel Pitch is the distance between LED clusters in millimeters. Since there are more LEDs per surface area, smaller millimeter numbers increase sign resolution. Even with limited square footage, high-resolution outdoor LED signage can display more detailed visuals and clearer content because to their tiny pixel pitch. Our high-resolution digital led displays are ideal for spaces limited by municipal zoning or existing structures.


Ideal for Outdoor Digital Signs that require 10ft or less of advertising or signage to pedestrian or driving traffic. The closer the led digital sign the great visual impact.


Designed for outdoor led sign lighting that requires 10ft – 20ft of advertising or versatile signage to pedestrian and driving traffic. Great for mid to short distance locations to make impact.


If your location has traffic traveling by from 40ft – 50ft distances, a medium resolution sign can offer the perfect resolution balance to give you the greatest attention-grabbing power.


Best suited for locations further from the roadway and for much faster moving traffic from 90ft – 100ft distances or further. An affordable and effective opportunity for your businesses.


Here are a few reasons our LED signage solutions stand out from the rest: