Smart Automotive Testimonial

Automotive Industry is Leading the way with led digital signage and how it is proven in driving awareness and growth for brand communications.

Dr. Boris Pulec Testimonial

LED Billboards are increasing traffic from street level visitors and outperforming traditional signage. Its time to go digital with Genoptic Smart Display.

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When put in a high traffic, high exposure areas, an outdoor LED sign is proven to have the highest marketing Return on Investment.

Elevate Your Business Visibility with Genoptic Smart Displays LED Signage

Genoptic Smart Displays is the leader in LED signage that successfully attracts attention to a wide variety of different businesses and venues. Genoptic Smart Displays™,  gallery of digital signage displays, digital outdoor signsoutdoor digital signage, and mobile billboard advertising meets the needs of small businesses, franchises, car dealerships, and even churches looking to create exposure for their services. Movie theaters especially appreciate our programmable outdoor led signage, as the various movies are easy to change on a regular basis.

Maximizing Impact with Durable, Programmable LED Signage

In today’s fast paced world, you only have a few seconds to catch an individual’s attention and sustain it. For this reason, many companies are choosing to advertise with LED signs instead of traditional billboards. With eye-popping, bright bulbs that stand the test of time, potential customers are drawn in by your advertising. The programmable signs allow for sales and features to be swapped in and out easily on a regular basis. If you live in an area with especially harsh weather conditions, you do not need to worry. Our high quality boards can withstand snow, rain, and hail. While the initial investment may seem steep for some smaller businesses, the investment pays off over time, as our boards remain quality even years after purchase. Our payment plan package allows for smaller businesses that lack the budget to pay upfront to still enjoy the benefits a billboard provides.

Genoptic Smart Displays: Versatile LED Signage for Every Need

The vast variety of different venues that use Genoptic Smart Displays to advertise and create exposures speaks to the versatility of LED signage. Perhaps you are a dentist trying to recruit new patients. Maybe you operate a movie theater and are looking for a new, convenient way to display the weekly movies. You could be a pastor looking to use led signage to extend your ministry. Whatever your need let us help you find a led sign that will help increase your exposure.