School LED Displays

Display sporting events, holidays, important events, and scheduled school closures.

LED Outdoor School Signs

Many schools feel ill equipped to cover the marketing needs of their academic institutions. Despite being a place of academia, schools have a key role in bringing together the student body, teachers, administration, and larger community to circulate announcements and to promote the school’s initiatives. Since school administrators are rarely marketing gurus, they need a quick and easy way to reach their audience. LED digital signage and billboards are affordable, accessible, and one of the easiest ways for a school to reach their audience.

Genoptic Smart Displays offers digital signage for schools that drive on-campus communications, co-partnership promotions with neighboring business and highlights of events and programs. Electronic signs for schools are easy to manage with our web based software to add graphics, text, images and videos for all your promotional needs.

How do schools use Digital LED Signage & Billboards?

 one of the most effective ways to advertise

A LED message board, or digital sign, placed in front of the school can be used to do everything from spotlighting students and faculties for their achievements to announcing sporting events, holidays and scheduled closures, and even weather warnings. As students and their parents drive by the front of the school, they cannot miss the strategically placed LED message board that awaits them in front. For a school, a well-placed LED message board or electronic sign can be one of the most effective ways to advertise.

LED signage takes care of the marketing efforts

the most effective ways for schools to keep connected to parents

Communicating to school-aged children has always been a struggle for school administrators. Flyers tend to get lost on the way home, leaving parents “out of the loop” on what is going on at school.

While some schools are choosing to communicate with parents virtually, not all parents have the time to regularly read up on what is going on at their child’s school. Social media, email newsletters, and group text blasts can help keep students and their parents in the communication loop but the electronic sign is unavoidable – and presents a message that cannot be thrown in the “virtual trash can.”

This electronic display is proving to be one of the most effective ways for schools to keep connected to parents.

High Quality school signs that help you inform and inspire your Students & Staff

School signage serve as a vital link between the school and its surrounding community, including parents, students, and teachers. We’ve helped elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and institutions all around the country and the world with high-quality signs.

Digital Signage for Schools & Electronic Signs for Schools

LED signs in schools can inform students, parents, and the community at large. Use an LED sign to inform students and families about upcoming activities at your school and to present a modern educational environment.

A Well-placed LED sign can be one of the most effective ways to advertise

LED Sign Supply specializes in LED Display Technology and has helped countless schools and academic institutions implement LED electronic signage. Whether you are operating a public, private, or charter school, you will reap the benefits of better communication and see an increase in community involvement and unity. LED Sign Supply has helped nursery and elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools use this tool to increase exposure. LED signage takes care of the marketing efforts, allowing the administration to focus on the students and daily operations. It’s one of the most affordable marketing tools a school can use to reach their audience, one that will make a lasting impression for years.