LED Advertising Revenue & Partnership Opportunities

LED Sign Supply, a leading manufacturer of digital signs and billboards, is collaborating with various property owners to display our state-of-the-art VideoStar LED Video Displays and lighting options. Led Sign Supply offers everything from mobile billboards to indoor led signs to digital menu boards. The benefits to the property owners are tremendous. Property owners and partnership businesses will receive a residual income by monthly rental of their site to LED Sign Supply or by revenue sharing of the LED advertising income, making it advantageous for participating property owners. LED Sign Supply’s team will take care of costs of the VideoStar LED Displays, which includes proposed site evaluation, sign/structure design and construction, installation and maintenance, advertising sales and programming, ad creation, and municipal permit approvals. You, the property owner, sit back and enjoy the benefits of this partnership.

LED advertising is becoming the preferred method of getting the word out about your business or services. Our picture quality is excellent – with eye-catching bulbs that remain bright even under extreme weather conditions including rain or snow. The easy sign programming allows for different messages and ads to be swapped out on a regular basis. So many businesses are choosing LED billboard advertising over traditional billboards for a number of reasons. In today’s technology-driven world, the average person’s attention span is much shorter. If you are going to attract new business, you have to aim for maximum impact. A LED sign is the way to hook potential customers immediately.



LED Advertising Benefits:

Digital video advertising is becoming the preferred choice for cost-effective, high-impact advertising. Property owners can now reap the benefits from teaming up with LED Sign Supply. For one, you enjoy continuous monthly add income with minimal cost. You can benefit from free advertising on our LED video displays. You can also maximize your revenue with a new form of income from your property.

We also give a lifetime warranty and commitment on services. If you have property with a daily high traffic count with preferred sign location, consider partnering up with LED Sign Supply and start benefiting from a partnership.

Advertisers using the VideoStar® LED video display media will enjoy these and other great benefits:

  • Maximum ad impact – up to six times more effective than traditional billboards
  • Excellent picture quality – over 1 billion color scale with adjustable brightness
  • High resolution full color LED video capability with a wide(3) range of viewing angles
  • Quick and easy sign programming of LED signs for versatile ad messaging
  • Allows for fast turnaround, low cost ad production
  • Optional free advertising on our spectacular LED signs



Benefits as part of LED Sign Supply Team:

  • Continuous monthly add income with minimal cost or effort to you
  • Free advertising on our spectacular LED Video Displays
  • Maximizing your revenue with a new form of income from your property
  • Earn $500 to $30,000 per month from your existing property
  • Lifetime warranty and service commitments from LED Sign Supply Inc.



What LED Sign Supply Inc. is looking for, to develop revenue opportunity partnerships:

  • Properties with a daily high traffic count of min 50,000 drive/walk by people per day
  • Clearly visible sign location on property
  • Properties in highly populated areas
  • Approval permit or proper zoning for third party advertising



Don’t know what your daily traffic count is and/or what permits/zoning laws are required? We can help!

Please email us at sales@ledsignsupply.com with your contact info and as much information on your property and we will have someone contact you shortly to further discuss your LED advertising revenue opportunities.

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