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Unlocking Business Growth with Smart Outdoor LED Display Solutions

Maximizing Business Growth with High-Impact Outdoor Digital LED Displays

Outdoor Digital LED displays have become one of the most cost effective forms of advertising to deliver vibrant eye-catching content to help your business grow at an estimated cost of only 15 cents per 1000 exposures. It only makes sense to take advantage of this technology, but not all technology is created equal, especially when it comes to the operating software for your LED display. Many LED software systems are unstable with generic features and are difficult to navigate. A frozen or glitchy display is a failure to your advertising efforts. It gives the wrong impression of your business. Bottom line, you can only captivate your audience if you have the best software tools available. As an industry leader for over 10 years, LED Sign Supply is proud to introduce LED Video Star. Whether you are a small business, large franchise, or third party, LED, billboard Advertiser Video star lets you manage all your displays with ease, maximize the potential of your LED display through our intuitive layout.

Elevate Your Advertising with Advanced LED Signage Software

Designed for quick and easy setup. Simply drag and drop media and schedule playlists, and within seconds you can deliver vibrant LED content to one or multiple displays. Our cloud-based software means no software to install. You can connect from anywhere in the world, and your data is always secure. Always stay up to date with our real-time monitoring technology and email notifications you are never in the dark. Further improve your advertising campaigns by tracking targeted ads with actual product sales. With our exciting custom data analytics feature. Our premium video star software also includes advanced user management and access control, downloadable preview and data analytics reports. Dynamic web content including Twitter, Facebook feeds, as well as HTML and live streaming and much more. Video star LED software, a smart and easy to use platform.

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