Video Star Portal Revolution

Enhancing Visibility with Advanced LED Displays: The Video Star Portal Revolution

Introducing the New Video Star Management Portal: Simplified Content Management

Genoptic Smart Displays presents the all new video star management portal. This short video will walk you through the exciting new features and illustrate just how easy it is to navigate the new platform. Creating or adding new content to a video star player has never been easier. Simply drag and drop available content from the content window to a playlist. New media such as images, videos, URLs, templates, or video streams can all be uploaded to the content library. Reorder the content as required within the playlist. Drag the completed playlist to the Schedule grid, set the playlist start and end times as well as the daily schedule as required. Once the schedule is updated, the active player content can be published. It’s that easy. In addition to the new layout and design, new features have been added to Video Star, including the all new preview option. This feature gives users the ability to view specific scheduling information. Simply select the period you wish to search on, as well as any search criteria. Update your search parameters as required. You can review the schedule or download to an Excel spreadsheet. You’ll always know exactly what’s being displayed on your screens when.

Enhancing Visibility with Video Star’s Analytics and Monitoring Dashboard

Similar to the preview feature is the analytics window. Here we can search and view content that’s already been displayed easily. View playback history for one or more locations, or if you wish, you can also download this data to an Excel spreadsheet. The monitoring dashboard. Another new feature brings real-time video star player information to your fingertips. Important information is shown here, such as the group name and player name, publishing info, player alerts, current status, and even what’s currently playing. Selecting the status icon. You can view detailed alerts and event history. If you have more than one video star player, you can view the status of all or even publish their content simultaneously.

Crafting Dynamic Displays with Video Star’s Built-in Template Designer

Looking for customized content for your displays. The Built-in Template Designer allows users to build dynamic content by incorporating various design elements. Simply start by creating a new template from the content window. Give your template a name, set the height and width of the display and set the duration. You can even scale the preview image for easier viewing. Select a background color or upload a custom image. Add a custom message to your template. Just enter your text, select the text color and appearance. You may also wish to add additional or advanced design elements to your template, such as playlists, media, or even custom data feeds. Orientate the different design elements as required and save the completed template. The template design will appear in the content library and can be added to your playlist. User management service has now been added to video star. Access to the players and content can now be defined for each user enabling total control of your network. Additionally, users can be set up to receive automated email notifications of system alerts and events, ensuring important information is always at your fingertips. In addition to our live support team, we’ve incorporated a comprehensive help and support guide that walks you through all aspects of the software suite, including many features not discussed in this demonstration video.

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