LED Outdoor Church Signs

Most religious groups have an “open door policy,” yet many struggle to know what is the best way to get members of the community in the doors. LED message boards and electronic signs can be one of the easiest not to mention affordable ways to display church events, meeting times, services, and more!

Outreach with LED signage, while small and simple, can still be effective.


Since churches are unlike businesses in that they don’t have a marketing team with professionals skilled in knowing how to communicate a message, too many churches are unsure of how to advertise their services. Nothing is more frustrating for a congregation, especially a small congregation with low numbers, than failing to garner interest in their services simply because they do not know how to effectively target potential new members. LED message is easy – allowing you to easily change the message on a daily basis. LED message boards allow you to display an uplifting quote, a bible verse, or even a funny joke for the community to enjoy as they drive by your meetinghouse. Outreach with LED signage, while small and simple, can still be effective.


A LED message board can take care of your marketing and advertising needs

Allowing you to focus on the mission and people in your ministry

Many churches breathe a sigh of relief when they learn how affordable led signage is! LED Sign Supply LED boards are not only well-priced and affordable but they are also energy efficient. We understand that since churches are typically working with smaller budgets, the congregation doesn’t want to invest in a tool that is low quality and will not stand the test of time. LED Sign Supply has one of the best quality LED signage, that is durable and weather resistant, and comes with a lifetime of technical support. Our customers take comfort in knowing that they are investing in a product that will serve their congregation well for years to come.


How can LED signage simplify your marketing efforts?

How can LED signage simplify your marketing efforts? For one, the software is easy to use. LED signage can be programmed with messages and announcements ahead of time, and they will appear when you wish. You do not have to give it a second thought! Many times churches know they want to attract new members to their congregation, but they’re not entirely sure where to focus their marketing efforts. They may wonder, what demographic are we trying to reach anyway? The beauty of LED signage is that you will be exposed to anyone driving by your sign. Be ready to attract a wide variety of prospective members. Contact us today to get started!