LED Sign Supply has helped schools throughout the country streamline their communications and loop the community into the happenings on campus! Outdoor electric signs for schools are affordable, effortless, and effective! Staying connected to parents and community is easy with an electric sign. LED Sign Supply offers a variety of outdoor electronic signs that will fit your school’s specific needs while staying on budget. While email, social media, and other online methods of communication are helpful in communicating with students and their parents, outdoor electronic signs are visible and unavoidable – making them one of the most effective ways to increase awareness of school sporting events, fundraisers, policies, and news. Emails can be deleted within seconds and school newsletters dumped in the trash without a second glance. An outdoor electronic sign located outside of the school is unavoidable. Signage is viewed daily in the carpool line by students and parents and will ignite conversation.

How can you use your led sign to strengthen your school communications strategy?

 LED school signs and LED signage makes it easy.

Since messages can be swapped in and out on a daily basis, you can change the school’s LED message signs to regularly to promote school dances or games and to recognize staff and student achievements. You control the message on your timetable. Due to their effectiveness, more schools are using led signage to further their communications strategy.

LED Signs takes care of the marketing to allow administrators to focus on educating students.

Once you implement an outdoor electronic sign as part of your school communications strategy, participation in school events will increase and parents will be more informed about school activities.

Electronic signage fosters a sense of unity and connection among students, administrators, and the community at large, which is especially important in today’s age. Students of all ages report feeling isolated and lacking support. While a sign is one small step, it keeps students feeling included in school activities and up-to-date on important information that impacts them. Getting a new LED School sign will help get the message out to all who pass by.

If your school is in need of a stronger way to advertise fundraiserspromoteschool events, and close the communications loop between the school and parents.