What makes a scrolling LED sign so effective are the eye-catching messages rolling across the signage. The vivid color and movement alone grab the attention, but once a person is looking at your sign, the offer, statement or announcement holds their interest. That’s just one way LED signs typically increase a business’s visibility by over 900 percent. When you get LED signs from Genoptic Smart Displays, you get all the business-building benefits that our unique attention-grabbing signs offer. With our easy-to-operate software and an animation and graphics package included, there’s no limit to the stunning messages you can display, and they can be changed at the drop of a hat.

In the past, when you made a decision to have a sale or run a special, you had to plan at least a week out, and even that kind of timing was considered quick. With a scrolling LED sign from Genoptic Smart Displays, however, you can elect to reduce prices on select inventory or offer freebies with qualifying purchases, and start advertising it that same day, often within the same hour. That’s because you control the programming of your LED sign, on-sight, right from your own computer. Additionally, you can enhance your messages with animations to bring even more attention to your business.

Digital Signs for Outdoors

Scrolling LED Sign are Perfect for Many Uses

Genoptic Smart Displays carries a range of different signage from outdoor LED signs including billboards, to mobile, indoor and message LED signs. Each one has the capabilities of a scrolling LED sign, and so much more, making the most of your marketing dollars. In a world where every business competes for consumers’ attention, our LED signs are the most effective way to draw interest, attract customers and get your message across. Before you set your marketing budget, come to Genoptic Smart Displays to see how we can increase its effectiveness.