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RGB Glass

An indoor led billboard is the perfect solution for shopping malls, super markets, franchises, restaurants, and commercial buildings that are looking to increase exposure, advertise sales and promotions, and that want to see an increase in revenue. LED Sign Supply has been a leader in the industry for over 10 years, providing exceptional quality LED signage to a variety of customers. The benefits to choosing an indoor LED sign are endless. For one, they are quick and easy operate. They allow you to create your own content using easy-to-configure video templates.

Indoor LED signs are vibrant and catch the eye of potential customers. While a traditional advertisement in a store window gives all the information, an LED sign pulls the customer in for a closer look. In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with different advertisements on our computer screens and smart phones and as a result, our attention spans have become shorter and shorter. An indoor LED sign will hook your customers immediately.


Perhaps you have tried an indoor LED message board before but found that the sunlight entering your establishment ruined the intended effect. No problem! Our indoor LED boards are made with high transparency acrylic panels and screen technology, so boards will continue to show clear, high resolution messaging and fight the glare from the sun. Text, graphics, animation, and video will continue to stream perfectly, from over 500 feet away! Our RGB glass technology sets us apart from the competition.

You can customize your message by adding text effects. The indoor messaging works through web, intranet, wireless, IP, and USB, making it compatible with most formats. We offer a few different formats of indoor boards, including indoor LED Signs like those you see at athletic events and others that you would traditionally see in a store window, which are made with the RGB glass technology. We also offer semi outdoor LED Signs as well. Let us help you find the message board that fits your unique vision!


Standard Indoor LED Sign Features

The indoor LED signs display clear and vivid advertisements in direct sunlight and is visible for over 500 feet away.

This technology is proven to be 900% more attractive than traditional signage and will drastically increase branding and exposure.



Indoor LED Sign Products

Indoor LED Signs RGB Glass Semi-Outdoor LED Signs




  • Quick & easy to use
  • Control one LED display or hundreds
  • 100% Uptime and perfect for third party advertising
  • Works through web, intranet, wireless, IP, or USB
  • Load up hundreds of media files in one click
  • MPG, AVI, WMV, SWF, JPG, GIF Animations
  • Integrate Weather, News, RSS
  • Layout tables in the dynamic editor
  • Create your own content using numerous easy to configure video templates
  • Add text effects and text scrolling in a few clicks
  • Schedule campaigns through an intuitive web interface
  • Accurately count traffic passing your LED sign
  • Determine average dwell time using an IP/IR camera
  • Monitor your signs display remotely
  • Validate play and automate reporting
  • Web based and desktop media manager
  • Automated and timed LED brightness control
  • Graphical time and temperature through RSS

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