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Using strategically positioned mobile LED Digital billboard trailers around town to advertise what your company can do, or, to relay a marketing campaign message, is an effective approach to draw in new clients. Genoptic Smart Displays has been producing digital billboards for over a decade, so they are well-versed in how to best leverage this technology to increase your company’s bottom line. Perhaps it’s time for you and your business to try a different approach; especially if your company’s marketing and advertising efforts haven’t been remarkable. By strategically placing LED Digital billboard trailers around town, and at community functions, your special message will certainly be seen.

By using an LED Mobile Trailer, your company’s message is portable.

Your message’s portability is a key benefit of using a mobile billboard trailer for advertising. You can simply transfer the mobile billboard trailer to where all the action is; and switch to another site if a location isn’t drawing the kind of exposure you were hoping for. You can increase your exposure by using a plan that concentrates on the busiest areas at various hours of the day. Compared to a more typical billboard, mobile billboard trailers let you be more impulsive and adaptable with your marketing strategies. Now you may actually go closer to your audience, picking up whenever you want to test out a new area.

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LED Billboards mobile trailers

LED billboards for public events, such as marathons and fundraisers

Your marketing efforts will benefit from the adaptability that only an LED mobile billboard from Genoptic Smart Displays can bring. Here are 5 ways a mobile billboard and LED signage can help your company become more visible and make more money.

Periodic Campaigns

Every town hosts special events, and you can use your mobile billboard to promote a related offer or display a pertinent message in conjunction with any of those events, with the flexibility to display a personalized message at a moment’s notice.

Venture Where No Advert Has Gone Before

Take the mobile billboard to the locations where your target audience congregates. Bring it to the ski area. Drive to a marina to attend a boat display. To reach the shoppers or target audience there, go to the farmer’s market.

Make Them Wonder

When there is a stationary sign on your building or in front of it, people may grow accustomed to it and stop noticing it altogether. However, you can move your mobile billboard around to increase its visibility to passing cars. Place it in various spots in your parking lot, or even cross the street. Consumers will be caught off guard by a daily movement, which will draw their attention to your sign and what it has to say.

Go on the road

Bring your moving billboard to local festivals and events. Events like county fairs, high school sporting competitions, and spring fairs all gather people in one convenient location where your billboard might be seen.

Establish a Mini-Event

Create a small gathering in or around your mobile billboard in your parking lot or a nearby park. You can hold your own fish fry, taffy draw, or other enjoyable event to keep your business at the front of customers’ minds when nothing else is going on in your neighborhood.

The mobile billboard trailers from Genoptic Smart Displays are the ideal option for businesses to promote at civic gatherings, such as marathons and fundraising events. A fantastic method to make your event appear “formal” while disseminating crucial information is to use a mobile billboard trailer.

Using cutting-edge daylight sensor technologies, mobile boards

Our customers have good reason to be thinking about quality and durability! You can be sure that the modern daylight sensor technology used to create our mobile boards, which automatically dims to ambient light levels to reduce light pollution, is the best available today. The end result is a long-lasting mobile billboard. Additionally, the grill face on our mobile billboard trailers prevents damage, pollution, and vandalism.

A mobile billboard is the solution if you’re searching for a strategy to draw in new customers, strengthen your brand, and convey important information. LED items that are vibrant and of high quality offer you a low maintenance marketing choice.

Mobile billboards have gained popularity over the past few years, especially during the summer, because they stand-out and are practically certain to be read by anyone who sees them. Advertisers and businesses have had remarkable success with advertising using a mobile platform since they are aware that consumers are outside around 50% more frequently than they are during the winter. However, not all mobile billboards and LED billboards are constructed the same.

Outdoor mobile billboard advertising is the best.

This year, the best, most cutting-edge mobile billboard for advertising is available from Genoptic Smart Displays. They use some of the most advanced billboard technologies available today on all of their signs, such as Weatherpro, Enviroclean, Vandelguard, Daysensor, and others. We are the industry pioneer in the US and Canada for producing top-notch billboards that effectively communicate our message to the general public. Our software is user-friendly, simple and easy to learn. If you can learn a program like Powerpoint, you can learn our system easily, and manage your messaging/advertising campaign. Since we design every one of our billboards in-house, we are able to assist you if you have any questions.

This summer, there is no better way to spread your message than with a premium Mobile Billboard Sign from Genoptic Smart Displays. Contact us right away to learn how.