The advertising landscape has changed dramatically in just the past 20 years, and though billboard advertising costs used to be a justifiable expense that was a safe bet, old-school printed billboards aren’t providing the ROI they used to. Even so, the cost to advertise on a traditional billboard can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. Of course, Fit Small Business points out that billboard advertising costs depend on the city you’re advertising in as well as the location of the billboard, but even purchasing billboard ads in a smaller market can still cost over $50,000/year.

Billboard Advertising

When it comes to your advertising budget, Genoptic Smart Displays believes that the money should be spent on signage that is proven to get consumers’ attention. According to Masskom2, digital signage increases brand awareness and even ups the average amount people spend by almost 30 percent. At Genoptic Smart Displays, we know that’s because our engineers have perfected digital signage for optimizing business exposure. The benefits of the technology we use not only works to get your message to the masses, but it also ensures that your sign will operate perfectly for years through all types of weather, regardless of dust level. Plus, we incorporate daylight sensor technology that automates the dimming and brightness process to ensure the life of your bulbs as well as reduce light pollution.

Billboard Advertising Costs – Getting the Most Out of Your Budget

The bottom line is that your bottom line depends on advertising. You know you need to do it, the trick is making the most of your advertising dollars. The innovative leasing program we offer at Genoptic Smart Displays can help with billboard advertising costs. We have a number of options that won’t interfere with your cash flow, and we’ll even work with you to structure lease payments that fit with your budget. Revolutionary digital signage is within reach at Genoptic Smart Displays.