If you’ve been considering a digital sign for advertising, you should know that digital billboards aren’t your only option. LED Sign Supply has many choices for state of the art LED signs to get your message across and your company noticed. We have a number of high resolution signs in different sizes to fit any budget and to meet any advertising need. Our LED signs are extremely user friendly; you’ll be able to start using yours within minutes of installation. And fast, easy use means you’ll be able to change the message on your sign quickly any time you want to.

LED Digital Sign

At LED Sign Supply we specialize in LED display (or LED Billboard) technology to provide outdoor, billboard, mobile, message and indoor LED digital signs. The resolution of our signs is so crisp and clear they’re visible for up to 500 feet. They garner attention, too. When you consider what you notice, you’ll realize that you’d look at a vibrant moving message before you would a simple traditional sign. And all it takes is a few simple steps to insert text effects or graphics to your message. LED Sign Supply can even configure your system so that you can remotely monitor your sign.

Digital Sign – with RGB Glass

One innovation we’re proud to offer at LED Sign Supply is the RGB glass digital sign. It’s ideal for placing in your store’s front window, right next to the entrance. Because this particular sign integrates LED screen technology with high transparency acrylic panels, it won’t interfere with visibility or natural light through the window. Yet the RGB glass signs still provide the quality display you’d expect from any of our other signage to convey your message in a professional, unique and eye-catching manner. Let LED Sign Supply show you everything we have to offer to make the most of your marketing budget.