Church LED Displays

Display an uplifting quote, a bible verse, times of service, for the community as they drive by your church.

Electronic Church Signs

Churches provide a place for solace, belonging, and community in cities throughout the United States and worldwide. A main goal of most congregations is to attract new members to the church and knowing exactly how to effectively recruit interested parties can present a real problem. Most churches are operated on a limited budget as well, which means they cannot pump large sums of money into their strategies for sharing their message.

LED messaging is an easy and affordable way for churches to promote God’s word, share upcoming events with the community, and advertise the days and times of their services. Branding your church is vital if your goal is to recruit new members. Digital church signs can enhance to look of your church.

LED messaging is an easy and affordable way for churches to promote God’s word.


LED church signs are made with state of the art technologies and will stand the test of time, standing strong after even the most brutal winter weather. Bulbs remain vibrant and eye-catching, keeping passersby intrigued and uplifted by the messages displayed on your sign. Each sign is made with a sealed component technology that will eliminate internal dust and debris. Led signage is easy, low-maintenance, and an effective way to get the word out about your congregation.

LED Billboards enhances the communication between the church and audience


Churches and schools often lack the “know how” to market their own businesses, and that’s where we can be of help. Social media marketing requires someone responding to inquiries and comments and keeping the channels active by posting on a daily basis.

Word of mouth marketing requires having members in your congregation who are highly social and determined to recruit new members through their own outreach and involvement in the community. An electronic church sign works differently.

Once erected, its messages alone will bring prospective members into your doors without you having to do a single thing. A scripture, an uplifting quote or message, along with a display of service days and times can be one of the easiest and most effective ways for you to advertise for your church.

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