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Digital signage is an investment for most companies.

Regardless of your company’s size and budget, every company wants to save money and make sure they are investing in high quality products that will stand the test of time. For this reason, it is vital that you are aware of the options. It’s a tough pill to swallow when your company has invested financially in digital signage only to see it degrade almost immediately before ultimately breaking down much sooner than anticipated.

The truth is, not all signage is created equal, which is why knowing what to look for when initially evaluating your digital signage options’ is crucial. Genoptic Smart Displays stands apart from the competition in a number of ways, from the engineering, material used in construction, vibrancy of bulbs, and quality. Genoptic Smart Displays outshines the competition.

Why is the quality of the signage important?

Quality has a direct impact on the reliability, longevity, and performance of a digital display, including brightness, sharpness, frame rate, color contrast, and energy consumption. Genoptic Smart Displays are typically at least 30% brighter than other LED signage manufacturers in the market. When it comes to frame rate, Genoptic Smart Displays offers a 25% higher FPS. The overall build of our signage is superior to the competition as well. Using the best craftsmanship, we can create LED signage that is lightweight with a slim design. Our signage offers versatility and is easy to install in any environment. Our signage comes with an industrial-grade control PC, compared with a control card that is offered by our competitors. The control PC offers a larger hard-drive, more versatility, and increased compatibility options.

In fact, the competition’s LED displays are 67% heavier than those of Genoptic. Competitors attempt to cut corners by using cheap materials to construct their signage and poor design, which results in signage breaking down over time. Power is another consideration. On average, our competitors use almost twice the power that we use in our signage. Our efficiency in how we use power drives costs down, which we pass right along to you, the consumer. Serving the USA & Canada for over 10 years, our customers continue to be satisfied with not only the digital signs and billboards themselves but the cost as well.

LED Digital Signage - LED Billboards

Digital Signage – Genoptic’s Performance, Reliability, Durability, and Support is Second to None.


  • Superior color contrast (281 trillion colors), more vivid colors, sharper images, and wider viewing angles (horizontal and vertical)
  • Brightest LED in the industry (critical when competing with the sun)
  • Energy efficiency (draws less than half the wattage of a conventional display)
  • Full video capabilities


  • Low failure rate (minimal downtime)
  • Solid state displays
  • Data redundancy
  • North American electrical safety compliance (ETL, UL, FCC)


  • Quality materials and components (e.g. diodes, modules, power supplys, control PC)
  • Proprietary technologies (e.g. thermal management, filtration, brightness sensor)
  • IP68 (critical when exposing electronic displays to rain, snow, hail, heavy wind, direct sun, extreme heat, freezing temperatures, dust, debris, etc.)


  • Warranty (10 years)
  • Spare parts package
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Cloud-based VideoStar content management software, training and support
Digital Signage - LED Billboard Review


You may be asking, what else should I consider when considering LED signage?

When shopping around for LED signage, be sure to ask about the LED diode selection. The quality of the diodes will have a direct impact on the display quality, longevity, and energy consumption. Another consideration to make is the NIT output and efficiency since brightness is critical when competing with the sun. When considering LED signage, it is also important to consider the viewing angles. Genoptic Smart Displays typically offers at least a 36% wider horizontal viewing angle as well as a 27% wider vertical viewing angle than most manufacturers on the market.

Top of the line LED Signage

When you choose Genoptic Smart Displays, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving top of the line signage, the very best the market has to offer. In fact, our reputation backs that claim. The warranty on Genoptic Smart Displays products is 10 years, compared with the industry standard 5-year guarantee offered by many of our competitors. Digital signage is not going anywhere. Digital signs, digital billboards, and mobile digital displays continue to be one of the most effective ways to advertise. Whether your goal is to expand to a new clientele or retain your current audience, Genoptic Smart Displays is the natural choice, due to the high quality products and warranty. The longevity of our signs makes the investment worthwhile. You can continue to depend on your LED signage for marketing year after year.

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