Most businesses, in today’s competitive world, face the challenge of trying to distinguish themselves from their rivals without exceeding their marketing budgets. What many businesses are learning is that LED Digital outdoor signs can be one of the most cost-effective, affordable, and simple advertising methods, surpassing print advertising and social media.

Genoptic Smart Displays is a leading manufacturer of outdoor and indoor LED Digital signs and has proudly assisted numerous businesses in achieving their sales goals while increasing brand awareness.

The Cost-Effective Advantage of Outdoor LED Digital Signs

Outdoor LED digital displays have become one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising due to their ability to deliver vibrant, attention-grabbing content that will help your business expand. With an estimated cost of 15 cents per one thousand exposures, it makes sense to utilize this technology. One huge factor is that a sign from Genoptic Smart Displays comes with a 10-year warranty and has a >10-year useful life. This means that your message, or marketing campaign, can be refreshed, using our user friendly software, for over a decade. Thus, most businesses bring on their LED Digital display solutions out of their operating budgets, amortized over the life of the product. Others use financing to have a more specific, pay-as-you-go effect.

Quality and Durability: Genoptic Smart Displays Difference

When businesses choose Genoptic Smart Displays’ outdoor digital signage, they are receiving one of the industry’s most premium products. Our signs are manufactured in North America using only the most advanced technologies and most durable materials. Each outdoor sign is manufactured using advanced technology that keeps the signs operating reliably and maintaining a vibrancy, second to none – even in the sweltering summer heat and harsh freezing winter snow conditions.

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Simplifying Marketing with Digital Outdoor Signs

Using LED Digital outdoor digital signs can actually make your marketing and advertising incredibly simple! If you review our customer testimonials, you will quickly discover that our team of experts are prepared to answer any questions that you may have and can handle the entire installation process. We offer free technical support to customers who need to discuss issues as they arise. Customers are astounded by how little effort is required to generate maximum exposure for their company and services at a low cost. With a greater than 100 % satisfaction guarantee on our signage, your company has nothing to lose by incorporating LED Digital signage into its marketing strategy.

Avoiding Common LED Software Issues

Numerous alternative LED software systems are unstable, only offer generic features, and can be quite cumbersome to navigate. We can all agree that a frozen or malfunctioning display can be quite detrimental to your marketing efforts and corporate image. And nobody wants a negative impression of their company. You should only engage your audience using the most advanced software tools available. Genoptic Smart Displays, a market leader for over a decade, would be pleased to introduce you further to our proprietary LED VideoStar software package.

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Seamless Connectivity and Real-time Monitoring

Whether you’re a small company, a large franchise, or a third-party LED billboard advertiser, our VideoStar software makes it simple to remotely manage all of your displays. Maximize the potential of your LED display with our setup-friendly, user-friendly interface. Simply drag and drop media and schedule playlists, and you can deliver LED content to one or multiple displays in mere seconds. Our Cloud-based software requires no installation. Your data is always secure and you can connect from anywhere in the world. With our real-time monitoring technology and email notifications, you will always be informed.

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