Among LED manufacturers nationwide, Genoptic Smart Displays is the leader in utilizing cutting edge technology to create stunning indoor, outdoor, billboard, mobile and message LED signs. From experience, we know what issues concern you most about LED display signs. That’s why we’ve developed signs that integrate seven of the most innovative technologies, to provide you with a sign that’s durable, long-lasting and will get your business noticed like nothing else can.

Digital Signs for Outdoors

It all starts with the TempurZone and Weatherpro technologies. Those are the elements that keep your sign working well in any weather. TempurZone regulates the internal temperature of your signage to keep the components in optimal working order, while the light weight Weatherpro high-grade aluminum cabinets protect the internal components from every type of weather condition that can affect your sign. The Daysensor technology controls the brightness of your LED sign so that it’s always lit to the most favorable brightness depending upon the natural light conditions to ensure longevity of the sign. Plus, we even include Vandelguard to protect your LED sign from damage by vandals. While many LED manufacturers may combine a few of these technologies to create their signage, Genoptic Smart Displays recognizes the importance of incorporating them all with IntelLED and our own VideoStar software to provide you with an incomparable sign that gets your message seen.

Professional LED Manufacturers with Experience

All of the aspects that we focus on are the reasons Genoptic Smart Displays signs outrank and outlast the signs from any other LED manufacturers. Additionally, our incredible customer service is the reason customers come to us for LED signage and refer others to do the same. With an unprecedented 5 year warranty, free lifetime tech support and free spare parts and animations and graphics packages included with our signs, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get your own LED sign.

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