Electronic Message Signs

K-12 schools are recognizing the effectiveness and ease in which they can use LED billboards and electronic signs to convey a message to their students and community at large. For many schools, marketing is a real struggle. Knowing how to announce school functions, sporting events, holidays, and other special occasions is difficult, especially if your administrators have no background in marketing. LED signage is one of the easiest ways to advertise what is going on at your school. Students and their parents will find themselves “in the know,” with little effort on your part.

LED signage is one of the easiest ways to advertise what is going on at your school.


What is the most effective way for a school to congratulation students or faculty achievements? How do you advertise sporting events or announce school functions, dances, or fundraisers? Many schools use e-newsletters to communicate important information to students and their parents, but on many occasions those newsletters go right to the virtual trashcan. LED billboards and electronic message signs for schools are so effective because they are unavoidable. Parents in the student “pick-up” line cannot avoid seeing the messages on the LED billboards and signage out front.


LED Billboards enhances the communication between the school and parents


Our LED billboards are eye-catching, east to read, vibrant, and are made with superior craftsmanship and the latest technology. Placing a LED sign or billboard in front of your school can inspire conversation among parents and students in the “pick up” line, increasing the level of communication between students and parents and parents and the school. LED Sign supply has helped many schools, K-12, implement this technology to enhance the communication between the school and parents and strengthen the school’s brand within the community as well.


We have something for everyone!

For the last 10 years, LED Sign Supply has been a leading manufacturer of digital signs and billboards. We have the experience and know-how to help you maximize your digital signage to reach whatever goals your school sets. Our signs will hold up under the roughest winter weather conditions. Bulbs remain bright and vibrant, year after year. We pride ourselves in providing high quality, attractive, and reliable signage to consumers across many different industries – from business to churches to schools. We have something for everyone!