Despite nationwide recognition and visibility, fast food franchises still need to invest time and finances into advertising. Franchise owners are often times surprised when a beloved fast food chain that is quite popular throughout the country is slow to catch on in a new location. Investing in advertising is just as important for well-known chains, which is where Genoptic Smart Displays is especially helpful. We have helped countless franchises make their mark, using digital billboards and signage options to make sure customers know they exist and help the chain promote a quality brand. LED signs for fast food locations are one of the easiest ways for you to promote your new location for your digital sign, boosting profits and building a brand while passively sitting back and letting the billboard do the work!

LED Signs for Fast Food Franchise

In the last 10 years, Genoptic Smart Displays has helped businesses working with a wide range of marketing budgets promote their business and attract loyal customers. Our customer base has included franchise owners who were caught off guard by how difficult it may initially be to attract customers to a beloved nationwide fast food chain. With competition on every corner, you cannot afford to forgo quality marketing. LED signage is an easy, affordable, and proven way to make your franchise stand apart from the other fast food franchises in town.

LED Signs for Fast Food Franchises

Are you unsure of which LED signage option is right for your company’s goals? No problem! We have a longstanding tradition of working as partners with our customers to make sure they are receiving the signage that is right for them. We offer a great selection of everything from outdoor, billboard, mobile, indoor, and message led billboards

LED Signs for Fast Food Locations

Our signs are eye-catching, colorful, and made with the brightest bulbs more maximum impact. Longevity is on the mind of most of our customers, since no one wants to invest in a product that cannot stand the test of time. You can rest assured that our LED billboards include the brightest bulbs, durable hardware, and made with state of the art technology. Our billboards can stand the test of time in the harshest weather conditions. Let us help you with your franchise advertising efforts and getting an LED billboard / Electronic Sign for your fast food franchise. We’ve helped many get their message in front of all who pass by.

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