If you’ve been considering advertising with an outdoor billboard, you’ll get the most for your money with an LED digital sign. Long-life LED lights are economical but, more than that, they offer your business a better way to get noticed. LED signs are available in brilliant full-color, allowing you to display a vibrant message that grabs people’s attention. Plus, outdoor digital signage is also programmable with user-friendly software that offers the option of animation and allows you to change your message immediately any time you want or need to, giving you versatility and flexibility that traditional signage doesn’t.

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Many traditional outdoor advertising signs are only visible in the day or if spotlights are installed for night. However, digital signs use light to get the word out, and the brightness can be programmed and controlled. That means you can turn up the brightness when you need to or dim it down to save energy and bulb life, and your sign will remain visible in any type of weather, day or night. No other form of advertising keeps your name in front of potential customers around the clock. Genoptic Smart Displays is the leader when it comes to mobile billboards and outdoor billboards and digital signs.

Outdoor digital signs offer the best return on investment over any other type of advertising

That is why outdoor digital signs offer the best return on investment over any other type of advertising. The high-tech aspect of LED lights coupled with software to control and manage your sign puts your business name out there in a professional way. It doesn’t just get you noticed, but it firmly plants your company name in consumers’ minds. It builds your brand so, when people need what you offer, they’ll remember where to find you. That creates an increase in foot traffic, both immediate and over the long-term. Plus, with more people coming through your door, sales increase and so does your bottom line. When it comes to getting the word out, nothing beats an outdoor digital sign. Schools, churches, event centers, plaza’s… you name it, we’ve delivered a top of the line outdoor digital sign.

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