An LED mobile billboard from LED Sign Supply offers a versatility to your marketing efforts that no other signage can provide. Here are five ways you can use a mobile billboard to increase your business’s visibility and your bottom line.

Mobile LED Billboards - LED Sign Supply

Timed Campaigns

Every community has special events, and you can use your mobile billboard in conjunction with any of those occasions to advertise a related promotion or display a relevant message, with the capability to display a customized message at a moment’s notice.

Go Where No Advertisement Has Gone Before

Since the billboard is mobile, take it to wherever your target market hangs out. Haul it to the ski hill. Motor to the marina for a boat show. Head to the Farmer’s Market to get your message to the people there.

Keep Them Guessing

When you have a stationary sign on your building or in front of it, passers-by get used to seeing it in the same old spot and can become blind to it. You can move your mobile billboard around, however, to make it more noticeable to people driving past. Position it in different locations in your parking lot, or even move it across the street. A daily move will take consumers by surprise and make them aware of your sign and what it has to say.

Hit the Road

Transport your mobile billboard to special events around the area. County fairs, high school sporting events, spring fairs…all of them bring people together in one convenient place where they can see your billboard.

Create a Mini-Event

Produce a mini-event around your mobile billboard in your own parking lot or at a local park. When nothing else is going on in your community, you can host your own fish fry, taffy pull, or other fun event to keep your business in the forefront of consumers’ minds.