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24 09, 2019

Outdoor Advertising with LED Billboards & Electronic Signs

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Outdoor advertisement options have traditionally been limited to three main types: rail and bus-stop ads, advertisements on the buses themselves, and billboards. The electronic LED message signs and posters that adorn rail platforms and the walls of bus stop shelters are consistently successful because they are guaranteed to be seen by consumers. The limiting factor is that those consumers are commuters, so businesses advertising on rail and bus stop signs need to take into consideration the demographics of the people who use trains and buses as their main mode of transportation. It can be a diverse cross-section of the community, but not everyone takes trains or buses, so it is a form of outdoor advertisement that has its limits.

Outdoor Billboard - Beautiful LED Billboard Advertising

Different Types of Outdoor Advertisement

Buses as outdoor advertisement are less limited because they are mobile. An ad plastered on the side of a bus will travel around a city to be seen by everyone it passes. That alone increases the diversity of people who are exposed to the ad, and the success of that specific type of advertising is why people around the country are having their cars wrapped in ads. Whether it is for a business they own, or a business pays them to display the ad on their car, the result is the same: the ad is mobile whenever the car is driven around town.

Outdoor Advertisement

There is a reason, however, that billboards are one of the oldest forms of outdoor advertising still being used today. They can be strategically located in high-traffic areas so a diverse range of people see the message every day–and the longer the message is on the billboard, the more chance there is of more and different people seeing it. Plus, today’s LED billboards are even better at getting noticed than their old-school painted counterparts. Contact LED Sign Supply today to find out how a digital billboard can improve your marketing efforts.

Outdoor LED Billboard Manufacturers

An outdoor advertising company can help your marketing efforts in a big, big way. Billboards are what’s meant by “big,” and they are effective for getting your business noticed. Cabrillo College lists several advantages of outdoor ads including excellent reach and frequency, special features of digital billboards, and round-the-clock exposure for your business. While some smaller businesses may dismiss the idea of billboard advertising out of hand because of the perceived expense, an outdoor advertising company such as LED Sign Supply has a variety of signage solutions to fit every budget, putting outdoor ads within reach. Yet, if you are going to spend the money, you still want to be sure outdoor ads are effective.

Outdoor Advertising Company and Billboards Influencing Consumers

Wondering if outdoor advertising was still effective in the 21st Century, Forbes reviewed an Arbitron study to find out how billboards influenced consumers. Some interesting figures were revealed including 50 percent of billboard viewers use them to get directional information; 68 percent make shopping decisions regularly in the car; 72 percent habitually shop on their way home from work. Those statistics alone show that billboard advertising is highly influential, making it effective and a good marketing investment for local businesses.

Digital Signs Outdoor

If you still feel that billboard advertising isn’t in the budget, remember that it isn’t the only type of outdoor advertising. LED Sign Supply has outdoor signs of different sizes as well as mobile LED billboard trailer signs that are just as effective as full-sized billboards at getting your business noticed. Opting for a sign other than a billboard allows you to follow the Marketing Donut’s advice to make good use of your business’s location. A digital sign from an outdoor advertising company such as LED Sign Supply can be strategically placed in your parking lot, on the side of your building or even on the roof to draw attention as well as traffic.

Creative Outdoor Billboard Advertising

In order to make it in today’s cut-throat world, businesses must do something different to stand apart from competitors. LED Sign Supply has helped numerous businesses use creative outdoor billboard advertising to their advantage, recruiting new business and enjoying increased revenues as a result.

Advertising can be a real trouble area for many companies, especially smaller businesses that have a limited budget allotted to marketing and advertising. The fact remains that even if you sell the world’s greatest product, you will fail to profit or stay in business if you do not know how to advertise or promote your product. Creative outdoor advertising is an affordable, easy, and low maintenance way to promote your business or services. In fact, businesses and pro-profit organizations are not the only users. Church groups can implement billboard signage as a means to get the word out about upcoming services, as well as community centers that want to advertise for various events.

Outdoor LED Billboard Advertising

The Best Method in Creative Outdoor Billboard Advertising

LED Sign Supply has 10 years experience helping businesses, ranging from small independent companies with limited budgets to huge corporate companies with larger budgets, expand their brand. We hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with one of the strongest customer service teams ready to field questions from customers and trouble shoot at any moment.

The quality of our boards and signs cannot be beat, allowing you to focus on making the message creative and appealing. Even throughout a harsh winter, our outdoor billboards will remain bright and eye-catching. Our products include everything from digital billboards to indoor led signs and even mobile billboards. Together with our clients, we will help you find the perfect signage that will result in the greatest profits.


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12 06, 2017

Advantages of Mobile Billboard

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One of the most essential parts of a business is location. Location helps determine who will see your business and how easy it will be for customers to reach you. Typically businesses focus around the area that their business is located. This can make reaching people in different places a little difficult. Advertising helps people all around know about your business and the products or services that you offer. If you are a small business trying to get well known can be difficult to reach people who might be on the other side of town, or if you are a bigger business that is more well known, people might not think about coming to your store or using your products or services if they don’t see any advertising near them. No matter what type of business you are in it is important to reach your target market wherever they may be.

Enviroslim LED Billboard

LED Billboards are an Effective Way to Reach Out

Billboards can be a very effective way of reaching people who are in different locations than where your business is. Mobile billboards are an even better way of reaching more people because you can move them from location to location and reach people in a variety of different spots. An even better way to get people to notice your advertisement is with a LED billboard. LED billboards stick out and call for people’s attention. There are so many different companies and ads out there that it is essential for yours to stick with people. If you want your ads to reach out to people and for the ad to stay with people, then there needs to be something unique about them. A mobile LED billboard can do exactly that for your business. LED Sign Supply provides a variety of different types of billboards that can be customized to fit your business’ needs. LED mobile billboards can help your business to stick out and to reach a customer base that doesn’t know about your business or what you offer.


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