LED Digital signage is a powerful marketing tool that makes it easy for small businesses, franchises, and large companies to engage with consumers. Clients from all different industries including automotive, retail, hospitality, and food/beverage have realized the power LED Digital signage has to increase revenue, revitalize their current customer-base, and recruit prospective customers to use their services and products.

With a well-placed LED sign, businesses can market services and products to the general population, attracting interest from audiences who would otherwise never find them online.

However, you may not have known that Churches, Schools, and other nonprofit organizations have also recognized the power that LED Digital signage has to broaden their reach to communicate with a new audience and establish a recognizable name within their community. Most well-established franchises are easy to recognize, both by name and logo, but new locations may require extra exposure to ensure the neighborhood knows. An outdoor church sign can relay information, service times, and other information to all who pass by.

LED Digital Church Signs

LED billboards or signs are the perfect way to draw attention to a new opening in the area.

Advertising has seen several trends emerge over the years, but traditional LED Digital Sign marketing stands the test of time as one of the most efficient and reliable methods to communicate with consumers. Social media marketing has grown in popularity within the last 5-10 years and is certainly effective in creating buzz and attracting a following. One barrier with relying on social media marketing is that the limited types of people who find your channel are already interested in your services. Additionally, you are competing with countless other businesses online where customers are already bombarded with a high volume of advertisements. Investing all your time and focus on social media marketing also excludes an older demographic who are less likely to be spending time on apps and in online spaces.

Outdoor Electronic Signs for Schools

If you have traditionally focused your marketing efforts online, you may have questions about what exactly LED Digital signage is. First, let’s define the term. Digital signage is a form of electronic marketing that utilizes signs, displays, and video screens to advertise or communicate a message.

Genoptic Smart Displays make LED signage with longevity in mind.

Our clients are thrilled when they find out just how low maintenance LED signage is, leaving more time to invest in the operation of running a business. Genoptic Smart Displays make LED signage with longevity in mind. Signage is made in a lightweight, slim design that is built to withstand the harsh sun and frigid winter weather.

Our outdoor LED Digital signs offer the benefits of traditional billboard advertising, but have been updated with personalization options, the ability to update signs regularly to reflect sales and promotions at any time, with vibrant, eye-catching messages. Using a custom electronic billboard allows you to add unique content on a whim, putting you in the driver’s seat of your company’s marketing campaign. An electronic billboard allows you to incorporate video, images, bright and vibrant lights to tell your company’s story according to what is needed that day.

LED Digital Outdoor Signs

For nearly 20 years, Genoptic Smart Display experts have helped large companies and small businesses understand how to use LED technology to reach their goals. Knowing competitive products inside and out and having helped countless clients from all different industries use LED technology for good, is how we have become one of the largest providers of LED Signs in North America. It is time to set yourself apart from competitors and see the fruits of your efforts directly through a boost in revenue.

As an LED industry leader, throughout North America, we stand ready to help!


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