LED outdoor signs continue to be one of the most effective ways for businesses to share their message and reach a larger audience. Between traditional print advertising, social media & digital marketing, and word-of-mouth referrals, there has never been a time where companies have so many options in how to get the word out about their services. In fact, knowing how to expand and strengthen your existing client-base can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned marketer. The answer? Custom LED Outdoor Signage continue to be a lifesaver for many companies searching for marketing solutions, which are cost-effective and gain impressive results.

Custom Outdoor LED Sign

The Quality of our Signs is Evident at First Sight

Genoptic Smart Displays is an industry leader, within the public and private sector, with over 10 years of experience manufacturing top-quality, high-resolution LED displays to a variety of clients, including schools & universities, government facilities, stadiums, and sports arenas. What makes our LED Digital Outdoor Signs stand apart from our competitors? Our Quality. Quality of our signage is evident at first sight. You will immediately notice the bright, sharp, and vibrant colors displayed on all our signs.

Another advantage we frequently hear from our prospective and existing clients is regarding reliability and maintenance. Because our quality is high, each sign is built to last, using the finest quality materials in construction, and to endure the harshest weather conditions. Each sign comes with a 10-year warranty, ensuring that we will fix any issues you encounter along the way.

LED Signs Guaranteed to Last Over 10 Years

Our efficient lightweight slim design uses almost half of the electrical power of our competitors’, which result in significant savings over time. Genoptic uses advanced proprietary circuity, which lowers cost and increases energy efficiency. This technology allows us to keep long-term project costs relatively low, which our clients certainly appreciate and drive them to continue turning to us for all their signage needs. LED Digital Signage has come quite a long way in the last decade, proving to be more efficient and affordable than ever contemplated. Especially when you consider that a LED Signage solution, from Genoptic Smart Displays, is guaranteed to last more than 10 years. Instead of thinking of the investment as a one-time sign purchase, think of it as a 10-year marketing campaign.

Custom Outdoor LED Signs

Our LED Outdoor Signs include the capability to be updated with brand new content from a remote location, allowing companies to update signage in real time with last minute specials or promotions, events, or spotlights. Other forms of marketing like print advertising do not allow for quick adjustments, which is not conducive to how the world works in this age where a company’s crucial needs can change in one moment.

One of the Largest LED Sign Providers in North America

For nearly 20 years, Genoptic Smart Display experts have helped large companies and small businesses understand how to use LED technology to reach their goals. Knowing competitive products inside and out and having helped countless clients from all different industries use LED technology for good, is how we have become one of the largest providers of LED Signs in North America. It is time to set yourself apart from competitors and see the fruits of your efforts directly through a boost in revenue. As an LED industry leader, throughout North America, we stand ready to help!


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