The success of any company lies in its ability to effectively attract, maintain, and communicate with prospective clients in need of their products and services. This can be difficult in a world where consumers are constantly bombarded with online advertisements on their mobile devices. One excellent solution lies in LED Digital signs for outdoor advertising, a traditional and highly effective method of marketing that is ideal for a wide range of businesses, from budding nonprofit organizations to franchises to large, well-established companies. LED Digital signage is one of the most effective ways to market your products or services and attract a new audience. Just look around your community and see what types of firms are adapting LED Digital Signs.

LED Digital Signage - Billboards

LED Digital signs, outdoor and indoor, are the perfect way for businesses, churches, and schools to communicate with their communities.

For churches, a well-placed outdoor sign is ideal for advertising service times, uplifting spiritual messages, and a welcome to new congregants looking for community. For schools, an outdoor sign is an ideal way to get important messages to parents picking up students in the outdoor pickup line as well as an easy way to celebrate students and teachers in a public place.

The many benefits to LED digital outdoor signage

A key benefit of LED Digital outdoor signage solutions is that they require minimal effort on the part of the advertiser. Messages are as easy to program and update, when needed, as running a PowerPoint file. Once completed, they pretty much run themselves! That’s right – the sign does the selling while you are able to focus your attention on the other demands of running a business. Each LED Digital sign is made with propriety cloud-based software, which allows you to easily change and manage the content while sitting anywhere in the world. Passive marketing methods will free up your time and energy, without sacrificing effectiveness. In fact, LED Digital billboards and signage can be more focused and outperform social media marketing, which has grown to be a popular way for companies to advertise, in the last decade.

LED Digital Signs - Billboards

One major downside of using social media marketing as your primary way to advertise is that it requires daily posts and regular engagement with the audience. With social media marketing, you cannot take a day off posting or your channel will fall out of the algorithm and lose momentum. Relying on social media marketing will inevitably put a lot of pressure on your marketing team, especially if your business is operating with limited resources and you do not have one! One strategically placed LED Digital sign can be all you need to effectively market your services and communicate with your target audience.

A 10 Year product life and a 10 Year manufacturer’s warranty

If quality and longevity are a concern, you can rest assured that Genoptic’s LED Digital outdoor signs have a 10-year product life and come with a 10 year-manufacturer’s warranty. Genoptic Smart Displays are leaders in quality of construction, lifespan, vibrancy, and cost. Bulbs remain vibrant and eye-catching for years after initial purchase, thanks to the weather-proofing process we put each sign through before completion. Our signs are known for withstanding frigid winter temperatures as well as the unbearably harsh summer sun.

Whether you are exploring digital outdoor signs for churches, schools, or business, you will be impressed with the LED Digital signage solutions provided through Genoptic Smart Displays.

Building your brand and attracting a following for your business, school, or church is easy with one of our high-quality billboards. Knowing full well that our signs come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, you can kick back and relax knowing that you have made an investment that will last for years to come.

LED Digital Signage Billboards

For nearly 20 years, Genoptic Smart Display experts have helped large companies and small businesses understand how to use LED technology to reach their goals. Knowing our competitor’s products inside and out and having helped countless clients from all different industries use LED technology for good, is how we have become one of the largest providers of LED Digital Signs in North America. It is time to improve your image and brand awareness, while setting yourself apart from competitors and see the fruits of your efforts directly through a boost in revenue.

As a LED Digital Sign industry leader, throughout North America, we stand ready to assist you!


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