LED Billboard signage is one of the easiest, most affordable, and effective ways to grab your audience’s attention on the road. In summertime, digital billboard advertising is especially eye-catching as folks are spending more time outdoors, exposed to marketing and advertising messaging. Businesses large and small seize on this opportunity to market their products or services to a brand new crowd who may not be aware they even exist!

Electronic Signs for Schools

Electronic LED signage is used by many types of businesses

LED Sign Supply is proud to have a loyal following of customers that includes large scale businesses, fast food franchises, schools, and even custom digital church signs. If you have a message to get out to the larger community and are unsure of how to gain momentum, a LED sign is the answer.

What makes LED Sign Supply special? For over 10 years now we have been serving customers in the United States and Canada, providing top quality and innovative LED lighting and signage technology. Throughout the years, we have developed relationship of trust with our clients, leading to partnerships that have resulted in LED signage in stadiums and arenas, in schools and universities, and government facilities. If your messaging needs to go mobile, no problem! We have a wide range of mobile LED signs that allow for effective and potable advertising.

Storefront Digital Signs

Customized LED signs – experienced designers & engineers

For customers who know exactly what they want in their LED signage, you can rest assured that we offer customization and versatility. Our team of experienced engineers can design signage that fits your vision. Once we tell customers that our signage is made with advanced weather proofing technologies to prevent wear and tear during frigid winters and the blazing summer sun, they are sold! LED Sign Supply signage is an investment that will help your business turn a profit for years to come. Storefront electronic signs can really help with advertising and foot traffic.

Custom Outdoor Church Signs

Customers often wonder if their marketing needs warrant a LED sign

It is the perfect marketing solution for folks who do not want to spend a lot of time and finances investing in their marketing strategy. Once the billboard is up, it’s easy to maintain and program your messaging, making the marketing piece of your business plan the easiest part.

Whether you are trying to recruit new members of the community to your church services or want to generate more business, you need a reliable and trusted way to get the word out to a new audience. LED Sign Supply has a wide selection of signage to help you accomplish your marketing goals.


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