LED Sign Supply has helped businesses, schools, and churches promote their products and services by providing top quality led signage for indoor and outdoor use. Our electronic school billboard designs have helped customers among all different industries strengthen their communications strategy and reach the target audience. Outdoor school signs are becoming increasingly more popular among K-12 schools looking for an easy, low maintenance way to communicate with students and their parents. With so many electronic school signs on the market, it can be challenging to know which one will help accomplish your school’s goal. The experts at LED Sign Supply will see you through the entire process by seeing you through the installation and providing a lifetime of customer support in the years to come.

Electronic School Billboard Designs

What can you expect when you invest in LED Sign Supply school billboard designs?

We have developed electronic school signs that come with bright bulbs that will keep their vibrancy throughout harsh winter weather conditions. Made with superior craftsmanship with cutting edge technology, each sign will clearly display your school’s announcements and spotlights, which most likely include words and graphics. Parents in the school pick up line will be able to clearly get the message.

What makes LED Sign Supply electronic school billboard designs superior?

Each billboard sign is made with state of the art daylight sensor technology that automatically dims to ambient light levels, which increases the lifespan of your billboard and creates an even clearer image. Billboards are made to hold up despite pollution, harsh weather, and are made with a protruding grill face that protects against damage caused by vandalism. The craftsmanship cannot be beat!

With other 10 years of experience, LED Sign Supply has truly earned its place as one of the leading manufacturers of digital signage, with many schools as some of our most loyal and satisfied customers. If you are considering using an electronic led billboard sign or electronic message board for your school, look no further than LED Sign Supply.

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