Religious groups across many different denominations are always searching for new ways to spread their message and advertise their services. Recruiting new members to the congregation doesn’t have to be such a challenge. A LED message sign is great for churches hoping to get the word out about services. We understand that most churches are working with limited budgets, which is why LED signage is the obvious choice. LED Sign Supply offers the most competitive, low pricing in the market. Grabbing your audience’s attention doesn’t have to drain your church’s finances. For effective and affordable signage, Led Sign Supply has you covered!

LED Message Sign is great for Churches

Top quality message signs are made with superior craftsmanship

In the last 10 years that we’ve been in business, we’ve had numerous clients across many different denominations all hoping to create exposure for their services. Our top quality message signs are made with superior craftsmanship with cutting edge technology in mind. You can easily swap out the message on a weekly or even daily basis if you’d like, advertising the sermon or an uplifting quote for passersby. With a catchy or engaging quote, you will surely pique the curiosity of prospective members of your congregation. Whether your church is located in a small rural area or a larger urban city such as New York, Los Angeles, or Miami, LED signage is a wise investment.

Get the message out to your congregation with an LED Billboard for your Church

Developing a marketing scheme is crucial in order to recruit new members and a LED message sign is the perfect place to start. LED Sign Supply offers technical service and support to customers on an on-going basis. Our customers span North America as well as internationally – Everyone wants in on LED messaging! If your church is hoping to spread a message of peace, hope, faith, and encourage others to worship with you, consider using an LED billboard for your Church to accomplish your goal. Cost effective, easy, and user-friendly, you can easily program your own messaging as frequently as you’d like, creating maximum exposure for individuals in your community. Advertising services on a high quality digital church sign requires little to no effort on your part, allowing you to focus your time and efforts on your ministry.