Summer time is in full production… people are out and about, riding their bikes, stuck in traffic, going to large concerts and other outdoor venues. Have you ever been on your way home from a concert or event, or sitting in traffic, and noticed a large LED billboard on the side of the road that wasn’t there before? These mobile LED Billboards are becoming a huge success and growing in popularity. The ease of getting them into just the right viewing spot, along with the customization features and very affordable pricing, LED Mobile Billboards are fast becoming the new way to advertise getting maximum exposure.

LED Sign Supply has over 10 years of experience delivering quality, affordable mobile LED trailers. They are perfect for just about any audience, the key is being mobile and to adjust to whatever environment or location needed to get your billboard in front of eager eyes. Full color and HD graphics and videos look absolutely stunning… plus there is little maintenance involved with all our LED trailers. The new mobile LED Billboards is a very effective way to advertise your event, sales, or whatever you need to get in front to give your company the advantage of many views.

Mobile LED Billboard Trailers

Some Companies are Using 2 & 3 Billboards in Succession

These billboards are easy to pull with a truck, or car. Not heavy by any means, just a trailer with an LED Billboard that will be an effective advertising tool for just about any company. Some companies are using 2 or 3 in a row, starting with one message, then as you drive a little further down the road, showing another message. Maybe a few minutes after that down the road, you’ll see a third sign trying to close the deal, to get you to act. The mobile billboard doesn’t have to stay in one location, no large company billboard month-to-month stationary billboard contracts. You’re free to move around the city and once you secure a location, keep it there or move it and see what works best. Check out our EnviroSlim mobile LED Billboards and trailers today and start getting noticed!