Genoptic Smart Displays has the perfect LED sign for your fast food franchise. If you’re finally ready to try a proven method of advertising, Genoptic Smart Displays is ready to help. With over 10 years of experience in the industry, Genoptic Smart Displays continues to be a leader in its field, manufacturing first class digital signs and billboards with the most vibrant bulbs and easy-to-use features. We can help you maximize your marketing strategy for your fast food franchise, resulting in a stronger customer-base and higher revenues for your business.

Franchise LED Display Boards

Fast food is an American tradition. Attract new customers

Given our fast-paced lives, more and more families opt for a drive-through than sitting around the dinner table, which means more business for fast food chains. Given their popularity, you would think that not much marketing would be needed, but this is false. Marketing can be a trouble area for business owners, especially those who erroneously believed that long-established franchises didn’t require a marketing scheme since most people are familiar with their brand and name. Fast food franchises require a strong marketing campaign and LED signage should play a huge role in that scheme, considering their effectiveness. LED signage is a great way to bring in new business who is unfamiliar with the chain, the location, or who simply need a reminder that your business exists. Remember that the same demographic who is in need of fast food – busy folks on the go – need marketing that is just as attention-grabbing, engaging, and effective. LED signage provides them with instant information that pulls them into your restaurant for a satisfying dining experience.

LED signage increases your chains/franchise visibility

Increasing your fast food chain’s visibility is easy with LED signage options that are lightweight and slim and have proved to be an effective means of advertising! Traditional billboards and mobile signs continue to bring in and retain new business for a variety of different businesses. As a business owner, our cost-effective outdoor LED advertising solutions help you keep costs low while achieving your marketing goals. Genoptic Smart Displays looks forward to helping you find the right sign to achieve your company’s goals.

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