Outdoor advertising signs need to be durable as well as noticeable. When you think of outdoor signs you might immediately picture a print ad on a billboard, but even with colorful graphics many times those old-school signs go unnoticed just because of their ordinary-ness. Large as they are, people are used to seeing them. They just fade into the background. At Genoptic Smart Displays we know that a vibrant message that’s in motion is the solution to the invisible billboard. Our cutting edge LED signs do everything but fade away. The vivid colors and imaginative graphics that our signs can be programmed with are guaranteed to catch the attention of any passers-by.

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Electronic LED Outdoor Advertising Signs

The great thing about getting your outdoor advertising signs from Genoptic Smart Displays is that we have the background to create the exact sign your business requires. For over 10 years, we’ve been developing cutting edge LED technology and building it into our signs to provide industry-leading advertising products. Don’t let the revolutionary technology scare you off, though. Part of our commitment to customer service is creating user friendly products, including the software that comes with every sign. And just to put your mind at ease, remember that no matter how much or how little technology-challenged you are, you’ll have free lifetime access to our expert tech support.

Electronic LED Outdoor Advertising Signs

With the proven record of success that LED outdoor advertising signs has, why would you invest your marketing dollars in any other type of advertising without first getting a sign from Genoptic Smart Displays? You’ll be able to start sending your message in single, tri-color or full-color splendor as soon as your sign is set up. No other form of marketing and promotion can offer that kind of immediate exposure — or the terrific results of measurable increase in traffic, sales and profits. We have the best, and affordable outdoor LED signs.

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