Outdoor billboard companies provide space for businesses to reach the masses through outdoor advertising. All types of billboards have proven valuable for that purpose, but the Joy Team in Oregon felt there was a better way to use the space. For almost a year, the community-building organization spread their bliss with a new inspirational message posted each month on prominent billboards around Portland. Billboards declaring “You are so freaking awesome.” and advising people to “Hug someone today.” or simply to “Smile” popped up across the City of Roses, encouraging positive thinking.

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Outdoor Billboard Company, a Positive Message

The positive message billboards were paid for with a grant from the Awesome Portland Foundation and, because the foundation’s logo as well as the Joy Team’s appeared on the billboards, the project couldn’t be thought of as entirely advertisement-free. Still, the project was a terrific outside-the-box use of signage that outdoor billboard companies traditionally use to draw attention to a business or brand. The brand in this case was joy and positivity, and it did not cost consumers a dime. It is also a soft-sell technique that any company can use to gain positive exposure for their business. You might be surprised at a surge in sales after posting a warm and fuzzy message such as “Be Happy!” with your company logo all but inconspicuously place in the bottom right-hand corner of the sign. LED Billboards and LED message signs both do wonders in capturing the attention of all who are in front of them, or passing by…

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Of course, outdoor billboard companies will tell you how powerful an outright sales pitch is when displayed on a huge screen in a high-traffic area. Whatever type of message you want to get across, LED Sign Supply can help you do it successfully. Lit by thousands of colorful LED lights and driven by the latest technology, billboard electronics, signage from LED Sign Supply is clear, vibrant and captivating. What you have to say is important. Come to LED Sign Supply to say it effectively.

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