You’ve seen billboards all of your life, and noticed how high-tech they are becoming. Still, you might wonder if outdoor advertising is effective. The fact that you see several LED billboards as you drive from one end of town to the other indicates that they work. If they didn’t, other businesses wouldn’t be advertising on them, but there are many other reasons to use billboard advertising.

Outdoor digital billboards attract business

They Get Noticed. Obviously

You notice them, and so does everyone else driving by.

They Are Where Your Potential Customers Are

Billboards are strategically located throughout cities and even along highways and interstates. People who never knew about your business can discover it by seeing your message on a billboard.

People Make Decisions On-The-Go

It’s a fast-paced world, and the people who need your product or services are making their shopping decisions while they’re driving. Forbes says that 72 percent of billboard viewers surveyed say they often shop after work when they are on their way home, and 68 percent say they make shopping decisions during their commute.

Multiple Messages Are Quick and Easy

Technology allows billboard advertisers to show as many messages as they want. Modern billboards are no longer static, painted signs, but are computerized and use multiple colors of LED lights to convey animated or still messages. Plus, being controlled by software, it is easy to change your ad or message within minutes.

Scrolling LED Message Signs

Billboards Help Branding

Potential customers can’t tell from a billboard how big your business is, but Entrepreneur points out that good graphics and a clever message on a billboard can make your company look as professional as a national chain.

If you’re ready to see how billboard advertising can improve your bottom line, call the LED display technology specialists at Genoptic Smart Displays. We have the electronic message signs and billboards that will help get your word out!

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