The Ten Commandments may have been carved in stone, but outdoor church signs that sparkle with the vitality of LED technology is what gets churches noticed. Traditionally, churches have made good use of old-school signage with removable letters that allows for the message to be changed weekly, monthly or as frequently as necessary. Those signs served their purpose in their time, but current technology does a much better job at getting a church’s message out, whether it’s Bible passages, worship times or announcements of special events. When your church is ready to step into the 21st Century, Genoptic Smart Displays has the electronic signs and message boards that will get your message seen.

Custom Outdoor Church Signs

At Genoptic Smart Displays, we have a number of different options for affordable outdoor church signs to meet any organization’s promotional needs. Churches have to compete with businesses and other groups constantly vying for the public’s attention — and LED message board for a Church, or LED Billboard levels the playing field for churches. While, in the past, people driving by may not have paid much attention to church signage, it’s hard to overlook a colorful, clear sign from Genoptic Smart Displays scrolling a church’s contact information and service schedule. Just like with any commercial business, it’s the exciting, energetic and animated sign that will grab people’s attention and make a lasting impression.

 Outdoor Church Signs Will Help Get Your Message Out

Whichever option suits your organization best, whether it’s a billboard, mobile LED or outdoor LED sign, and digital church signs from Genoptic Smart Displays do the job better than any other signage. The superior craftsmanship that goes into every sign we make ensures your investment in a quality sign is well worth it. Additionally, you’ll have the full advantage of our state of the art technology that sets all our signs apart from the rest. Get your message out with signage from Genoptic Smart Displays.

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