Are you considering utilizing programmable LED signs to promote your business? With over 10 years experience in developing innovative display technologies, Genoptic Smart Displays offers superior craftsmanship and design. Eye-catching and innovative, we offer outdoor, billboard, and mobile LED signs that are sure to attract business and get your company noticed! Whether you are looking for a large-scale billboard or a small-scale window display, we can help you advertise your business in an attractive and effective way.

LED Billboards

Using The Best Programmable LED Signs For Your Business

With an An A+ rating with Better Business Bureau, you won’t find a better company to do business with. Our solid reputation is just one benefit to choosing Genoptic Smart Displays. We offer a lifetime of free expert technical support. The installation process is quick and easy – allowing you to start advertising immediately. Animations and graphics are included in our package of programmable LED signs, and our custom-built software allows you to upload new advertisements anytime.

Over the years, LED advertising have surpassed traditional, 1 dimensional signs, attracting more customers than ever before. Small and large-scale businesses alike are enjoying the benefits of LED signs. Genoptic Smart Displays provides lifetime technical support. They provide up to 100,000 hours of advertising. We use bulbs that save energy and provide a vibrant color, compared with other traditional billboards. Our programmable LED signs are water and heat resistant, allowing them to hold up throughout all kinds of weather conditions.

LED Programmable Signs and Billboards are Affordable

Best of all, the billboards and displays offered through Genoptic Smart Displays are affordable. Advertising and attracting new business doesn’t have to break the bank. Together with our customers, we can help increase your sales and grow your business through one of our LED mobile signs, billboards, indoor or outdoor boards. We are North America’s leading manufacturer of programmable led signs and window displays. Let us help you optimize business and gain exposure.


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