Knowing how to advertise, knowing what to advertise, and knowing where to advertise stumps even the most experienced, successful business owners. Fortunately, billboards have always and will always prove as an effective advertising tool. A billboard can successfully boost your company name or brand name, and help you attract a whole new group of customers. LED Sign Supply has helped business owners find and use billboards that will meet their sales goals. If you’re looking to optimize business, billboards may be your solution!

Electronic LED Outdoor Advertising Signs

One reason Why Many Companies Use LED Billboards is Their Cost Effectiveness

When you consider how many individuals drive by one billboard in a day, the investment is wise. LED Sign Supply offers a variety of catchy, eye-catching displays that jump out at potential customers like no ad online or in a magazine can. Our customers can choose from a variety of graphics and animations to include in your billboard. Our custom-built software allows customers to upload new advertisements anytime they wish. Our billboards are also water and heat resistant, so you don’t have to worry about colors fading over time. The craftsmanship of our LED billboards are superior!

How Much Does it Cost to Buy an Electronic Billboard?

Electronic Message Boards, showcase messages, graphics and logos directly to your customers from your computer using our user-friendly marketing software? LED message signs and electronic message boards are a cost effective and attractive way to get your message noticed to make more sales.

LED Electronic Billboards, Signs, and Mobile Trailers

LED Sign Supply has the experience necessary to help you find the right billboard to fit your company’s goals and vision. We provide free technical support and our installation process is quick and painless! We hold an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. While our billboards are proven to be an effective means of advertising, we also offer mobile signs, indoor and outdoor boards, window displays, and other effective advertising tools.


If you are serious about expanding your customer base, increasing revenue, and creating buzz surrounding your product, consider investing in a billboard from LED Sign Supply. We have left thousands of customers satisfied with the results.

Outdoor Electronic Signs

Knowing how to effectively brand and market your business is vital in order to turn a profit within your company. Too often marketers overlook some of the easiest, least expensive methods, which include using outdoor electronic signs in their advertising scheme. Companies looking to turn a profit are not the only entities benefiting from the use of outdoor electronic signs. Schools, churches, non-profits, and even political campaigns put programmable LED Message Signs to work as the main way to gain exposure and get a message across to the public.

Outdoor Electronic Signs Get the Message Out to All Who Pass

In today’s age, it’s easy for marketers to get swept up in lofty and complicated marketing efforts, forgetting tried and true methods that have proven to be effective year after year. Online marketing, print, and commercials allow you to advertise to one specific and narrow population of people. Outdoor electronic signs allow you to cast the net wider to the general public who may not even know they need your products or services yet. One key marketing concept that remains constant in a changing world is that people buy what they recognize. If an individual passes the same outdoor electronic sign day after day, they will eventually come to recognize and trust that name.

Electronic Billboard Signs

Outdoor electronic signs can be less expensive compared with other marketing strategies, in addition to requiring minimal upkeep over the years. Messages can be easily programmed, allowing business owners to swap sales and greetings in and out easily and regularly. If you are looking for an easy, inexpensive approach to advertising, LED Sign Supply has a wide variety of LED signage for you to choose from that will effectively target a new clientele and result in increased revenues. No matter what kind of marketing budget your company is working with, you cannot go wrong with outdoor signage.


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