Are you ready to step up your advertising game? You may have advertised your company’s services in the past with more traditional marketing methods and are now wondering what you could do with a Digital LED Billboard. A Digital LED Billboard is an easy way to get a whole new group of people interested in your brand, product and services, and help you grow, while still keeping your budgets in line.

You may be wondering, “What is a Digital billboard?”

Think of a traditional billboard you might see on the side of the highway on your way to work in the morning, but with LED displays that can show words, symbols, videos, and photos. A digital billboard can catch a potential customer’s eye and get their attention with bright bulbs that bring your message to life. If a business, school, or even a church wants to use digital billboards to attract new customers or spread important news, one of the best things about it is that it’s not too hard for them. For example, the billboards are run by computers and can change automatically based on what you want. You can change your message on the same billboard several times a day, which lets you be creative and try out different ways to get the attention of your audience.

Simply put, a digital billboard is what happens when traditional advertising meets the most advanced LED technology in the world. Why should you care? The answer is simple: more brand awareness, more loyal customers, more sales and participation from customers, and, in the end, more money in the bank. Digital billboards are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to spread a message, whether you want to make an impact in business or in your community.

LED Mobile Billboard

Genoptic Smart Display is the place to go if you want to know what a digital billboard can do for you and your business. You can look through a large selection of high-quality indoor and outdoor Digital LED signs, mobile Digital LED signs and mobile billboards, and more.

Why do LED Billboards work well as advertising tools?

Whether we know it or not, advertising on Billboards has probably influenced a lot of the purchases we make as consumers. Even though digital marketing is becoming more popular, traditional painted static billboards will always be a decent option to advertise any service or product. Why are billboards a good way to get the word out? Let’s look into the reasons why.

Digital LED Billboards work because they are seen by a lot of people.

Consumers buy brands they know, trust, and feel an emotional connection to. This is why you may buy from companies you may not have consciously chosen to be right for you. Instead, a lot of us buy what we know and what we’re used to. Billboards work because they are seen by a lot of people every day, which makes it easier for potential customers to like the brand. For example, the average American commuter takes the same route to and from work five days a week. Most people spend some of their commute time stuck in traffic, with nothing to look at but billboards that have been placed in a way to catch their eye. The fact that commuters see these billboards at least five times a week helps them remember the company’s name, brand, and services. This is why billboard advertising is still effective today.

Large and Small A Digital LED Sign Campaign is Cheap

LED signage used to be expensive for many firms, especially smaller ones with limited marketing expenditures. Outdoor LED sign pricing shouldn’t deter anyone from using them. Unbeatable quality. Even after a difficult winter, our bulbs are vibrant.

However, with a useful life of well over 10-years, you can amortize the cost of your Digital Sign Marketing/Messaging campaign over an entire decade. For example: if your total project is $50,000 this works out to be $5,000 per year or only $420 per month. You can barely take a prospective client out to dinner for that price.

We can’t wait to help you advertise your company using LED signage. We serve small companies and dealerships. We’ll help you find the right LED sign.

LED Digital Billboards along side of roads

Additionally, Digital Billboards may reach the masses.

The population is targeted for digital marketing based on age, gender, and interests. Billboards are an excellent approach to market your company’s services to the broader public, persuading a new group of people to give them a try.

One of the primary reasons why so many businesses continue to allocate a portion of their marketing budget to purchasing billboards is because they demand minimal to no work. Once the LED billboard has been installed, they can sit back and watch their earnings grow. Social media marketing demands a staff of social media strategists to engage with potential customers, comment on their postings, and grow the brand through social media channels every hour. Signs are simple and do the job for you!

Quality is Everything in Selecting a Digital Billboards

Quality is a concern for the majority of prospective customers. Nothing can tell your prospects more about you than your digital imagery. No one wants to spend money on an LED sign that may not last as long as desired. Or worse, may wear out over a few years and look like a checkerboard of bad imagery.

After purchase, Genoptic Smart Displays’ high-quality billboard signage lasts for 10-years, is covered by a 10-year warranty, and can withstand the strain of a harsh winter with snow and hail, as well as the intense glare of the summer heat. Using the most advanced available technology, these Digital LED billboards remain captivating, bright, and well-preserved.

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