Working with the best LED billboard manufacturers is a decision you will not regret. Billboard marketing is a wise investment for a number of reasons, the biggest being that it requires little to no work on the employer’s part as well as it being more of the most effective ways to advertise. If you have any concerns about whether or not LED signage is the right way to maximize your company’s marketing efforts, we stand ready to answer any and all questions you have! With over 10 years of experience providing top quality signage to businesses, schools, churches, and other entities trying to promote a message, we feel confident that we can do the same for you!

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LED Signage will improve and increase brand awareness

Marketing can be an area of real struggle for many companies weary of making a financial investment in a marketing campaign that ends up failing. LED signage is a traditional and proven way to increase brand awareness for your company, especially when you place the sign in a visible area. Vibrant, eye-catching and appealing signage will help potential customers grow familiar with your brand and plant the seed that they should use your services in the future. Harsh winter weather poses no threat to our signs. Whether it’s day after day of blizzards in the winter or the harsh summer sun beating down onto your sign, LED Sign Supply’s signage is top quality and can withstand any weather without losing quality. LED Sign Supply’s name is synonymous with quality, which our customers, many of whom are repeat customers, can attest to.

No need to stick with traditional billboard companies

With LED Sign Supply there’s no need to stick with traditional billboard companies that sell you space on a painted billboard. LED billboards are much better at catching the consumer’s eye. Fortunately, LED signs are what we specialize in. We’ve spent years perfecting LED display on a large scale to present your message in a striking, eye-catching way. LED Sign Supply has even developed the software that gives you full control over your sign, allowing you to use graphics and text and to change your message whenever you want.

LED Sign Supply leads all billboard companies in customer service. All our signs carry the best warranty in the industry — an unprecedented five years! We also include a free spare parts package that you keep at your location, a graphics and animations package at no additional charge, fast installation and free access to our knowledgeable tech support team for as long as you own your sign. We’ve spent over 10 years developing and installing innovative LED message boards. When we bring all of that to the table, you know you’ll get a quality sign you can be proud to display your message on.

Billboard Companies – Mobile Billboards – Top of the Line Craftsmanship

The bottom line is that your billboard is typically the first line of contact you’ll have with potential customers. That makes it one of the most important links in your marketing and advertising plan. When you come to LED Sign Supply, you come to the leader of billboard companies. You’ll get an LED billboard or sign that is developed and built using top-of-the-line craftsmanship, a sign with crisp, clear pictures and text. Your LED sign will be installed and ready to use quickly, and all our signs are CSA and ETL North American Electrical Safety Compliant. For a billboard guaranteed to get your message across, come to LED Sign Supply.

An LED Billboard Company throughout Canada and the USA

If you are interested in LED signage and are interested in working with the best billboard company, you’ve found your answer with LED Sign Supply. In the marketing world today, there are industry trends that may look appealing on the surface but end up being a pricey investment, both financially and in terms of time spent maintaining initiatives. For example, investing in social media marketing requires a professional from your team to post daily and also engage with potential consumers, answering comments and moderating any negative reviews or feedback. Today’s digital billboard manufacturing companies and LED signage is much more passive and once constructed, allows the employer to sit back and allow customers to come to them without a lot of work on their part. When placed in a high traffic area, LED signage can be one of the most effective ways to grow your business and see a boost in revenue!

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