Focusing on ministry and fellowship, most churches consider marketing the area where they need the most help. Genoptic Smart Displays has helped churches increase their exposure by using easy and affordable outdoor church electronic signs. LED church signs have helped so many of our customers advertise the date and time of services, as well as spread positive messages or share scriptures to passersby. Digital church LED signs will be one of the best investments your church could make, given the relative affordability compared with other avenues for marketing.

Digital Church Signs for Todays Churches

Each LED billboard sign is made with integrated technologies to protect the vibrancy and clarity of each billboard. We manufacturer signs that are superior in design and quality, using the latest LED technologies, to ensure that your billboard maintains its eye-popping appeal for years to come. Our digital church signs’ bulbs will not dull even during the harshest winter seasons. Garnering attention to your church has never been easier, not to mention affordable.

Our Church LED billboards have engineered superior quality displays

Cost is on the mind of most churches who are looking into digital church signs to spread the word of who they are. We have developed in-house proprietary software with technical service and support for a lifetime to our customers. To speak with total candor – customers get a lot of bang for their buck when they choose Genoptic Smart Displays outdoor church signs. Our LED billboards are available in 10 MM high resolution, 16 MM high resolution, and 20 MM high resolution options. Our experts will consult with you to discuss which option makes the most sense for your church.

Attract new members to your congregation

Regardless of your church’s size or location, we are confident that Genoptic Smart Displays can help you attract new members to your congregation. We realize how difficult it can be for churches to develop communications strategies to attract members of the community, especially when operating on a tight budget like so many churches do so. Vibrant, eye-catching, and clear, Genoptic Smart Displays digital church signs are the best way to draw members of the community into your doors.

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