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Summertime is here and for many of us the season marks the time for summer events, including outdoor concerts, parades, and community events. Small and large business owners are smart to use the opportunity to strengthen their brand and attract new members of the community during a time when people come together in the outdoors. Let us introduce you to our LED Mobile Trailers… the perfect solution to getting your message out. If you are a business owner looking to expand your marketing strategy, the summer is the ideal time to try something new. In fact, mobile billboard truck trailers located in high traffic areas are one of the easiest and least expensive ways to passively advertise for your company, school, or church. Despite the uptick in digital and mobile marketing, traditional means of advertising remain strong, tried and true. At the end of the day, effective marketing is all about targeting a new audience, providing a solution to their problem, and retaining their business once you have them. LED Sign Supply has a huge selection of LED signage to help your business or entity in brand building and marketing.

Custom Mobile Billboard Trailer

What kind of sign is right for my business?

This is a common question we receive from many customers who are using our signage for the first time and have no idea which sign will help maximize their specific goals. LED Sign Supply has worked with such a wide range of customers that we are well aware of which type of signage our customers need and will help develop a customized approach. For some clients, mobile signage makes the most sense as they want the freedom to switch up the location of their led sign throughout the summer to target different groups at different events. For other clients, a traditional led billboard is the optimal choice.

Mobile Billboard Trailer

Advantages of transit advertising with billboards

There are many advantages of transit advertising with billboards and LED billboards located in high traffic areas. When you consider the reality that many Americans in the workforce spend a large chunk of time commuting to and from work each day, it makes sense to promote your brand using a billboard. Customers tend to buy what they recognize. Overtime that recognition turns to trust. Using a billboard in a highly populated area where prospective customers will be exposed to your message and company name over and over is not only wise but easy too. Using a billboard to advertise frees up your time to work on other areas of your business outside of marketing.


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