In today’s competitive business world, consumers are blasted with advertisements constantly fighting for their attention throughout the day. Marketing is everywhere – from our computers, phones, TV, and radio – It is difficult to find a moment in the day where you are not being pitched something! Breaking through the noise to reach your target audience can be challenging, but an LED Signage Solution can make it easier. Genoptic Smart Displays can show you how to leverage the LED Sign technology to build an even more effective marketing campaign and strategy.

Business LED Display Signs

Increase brand awareness with LED Display Signs

Business owners are constantly striving to draw in prospective clients and investing in an outdoor LED display screen to capture the attention of a targeted audience is one of the easiest ways to do so. Why? It has been proven that LED signs can increase brand awareness, resulting in more loyal customers and increased revenue. Differentiating your services from competitors in the marketing is easy using a custom LED display screen. Genoptic Smart Displays almost 20 years of experience helping companies of all sizes maximize the benefits of their signage technology. We have helped clients from all different industries, including churches, schools, franchises, and car dealerships see the power behind a single LED digital display screen. When placed in a high traffic area, LED digital display screens are an effective way to capture the attention of a new client-base while reactivating your previous or current clients. The best part? Advertising with LED signage is passive on your end, requiring little to no effort once installed.

LED Display Signs are effective tools communicating with students, parents, and teachers

Elementary, middle, and high schools have found Genoptic Smart Displays to be a highly effective way to communicate with students, parents, and teachers. With well-placed LED signage in front of the school and inside of the hallways, school administrators can easily message early release times, holidays, faculty and student spotlights, and close the communication loop that exists in many schools. Sure, email has its place in helping students and parents stay in touch, a well-placed luminescent LED display screen is sure to catch the eye of passersby.

LED Display Sign for Schools

What makes our LED Signs special?

With almost 20 years in the business, we have become an industry leader in North America, delivering on our goal to provide the highest quality and longest lasting signage. What makes our signs unique? We make our boards with state-of-the-art daylight senor technology that automatically adjusts ambient light levels to decrease light pollution and to increase LED life longevity. Each outdoor screen is made with a grill face that protects against vandalism, damage, and other pollutants that threaten to damage your sign. Our LED signage is made to stand the test of time and all types of harsh weather conditions.

Most companies want to improve their marketing strategy but do not have the time or resources to invest

Small companies especially ask their employees to wear many hats, and hiring a marketing specialist to manage marketing efforts may not be realistic. LED signage is perfect for companies who want to broaden their reach without making a huge investment. With a custom LED digital sign, you can now easily manage your messages on a daily basis without much maintenance. You can enjoy quick and direct access to reports on scheduling, proof of play, and performance. Together with our clients, we help you decide on the package that makes the most sense for your business’s goals.

Capture they eye of every passerby

A seasoned marketing professional should be regularly taking the pulse on which marketing mediums are actually helping them hit their targets. In the last few years, we have seen digital marketing and social media marketing grown in popularity and effectiveness, although there are definitely downsides. For example, developing an engaging social media presence requires daily posing and tends to reach only the audience who would already be interested in similar products and services. A digital LED sign in a busy area of town is sure to capture the eye of every passerby.

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