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Building a community message is essential for any church to thrive. You may be 100% confident in your message, but if that message is not reaching the local community, you will likely struggle to see consistent growth in your following. While the internet and social media are effective mediums to get the word out about local services and messages, electronic church signs are highly effective in creating exposure.

If your church has goals of creating more buzz for your services, outdoor church signs are a great first step. Locals in the community tend to drive the same route on their daily commute and eventually begin to grow awareness of any billboards or digital signage along the way. Churches can create custom messaging campaigns for their LED Digital signage, which may include a scripture, information of upcoming services, or a brief uplifting message. Before individuals even enter the door of your church, you can use LED church signs to extend your reach by providing an uplifting message to your community. The best part? Digital church signage is one of the easiest ways for your church to advertise, allowing your staff to focus on other aspects of the ministry.

Genoptic Smart Displays are different from typical LED Digital signs, as they are manufactured with longevity in mind

Dust, debris, and water damage are mitigated by Genoptic’s proprietary sealed component technology. Daylight sensor technology automatically adjusts your sign to ambient light levels, which prolongs the life of the LEDs. And our heat-sink technology regulates internal temperatures of the sign, also increasing the longevity of the sign. Genoptic Smart Displays prides itself on delivering the highest quality signs on the market, and our satisfied customers certainly echo that statement, as well!

Electronic LED Church Sign

We understand that most churches operate on limited budgets and may not be able to invest huge amounts of church funds for their marketing and communications strategy. Genoptic Smart Displays prices are low compared to other LED Digital signage companies. We can quickly provide a comparative quote against any other LED Digital signage firm. After learning your church’s specific needs, we can provide guidance on sign size, resolution, and shape. We can accommodate a variety of signage options for you to choose from, which means there is something for everyone!

Outdoor LED Digital signage is highly effective for attracting prospective members and bringing back former members

Paper church bulletins and flyers have been the primary method for churches to advertise upcoming events to members of the congregation, but led signage is much more effective. Digital signage allows you to quickly update information and make last minute changes to information for your followers. An LED Digital sign is a perfect place to announce new baptisms, guests, and upcoming church events or retreats. Communication is an essential part of any thriving church and can made easy with well-placed church monument sign.

Digital Church Sign

In today’s post-pandemic world, church attendance is in decline, especially among young people, which means churches need to invest more in their outreach programs now more than ever. A well-placed LED Digital sign in front of a church can make the difference in your church’s goal to invite more people to services.

If you are ready to see an increase in your church’s visibility, it is time to invest in LED Digital signage

Your up-front investment into one of our LED Digital signs can be amortized over our product’s 10-year life expectancy. With our 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, your outreach campaign is protected to be optimally delivered over 10 whole years.

For quick access to more information, support or a quote on digital signage for your Church, please contact us, today.

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